Automatic Pet Feeders – Everything you need to know

What is an Automatic Pet Feeder?

Many pet owners may not have heard there is such a thing as an Automatic Pet Feeder. Here is a brief overview of what they are:

Some designs are as basic as a container that holds set amounts of pet food; mostly the dry kibble type, which simply let gravity do its job. When the pet eats the food then more Dog food will fall down into the bowl/dish. 

Next there’s interactive toys. Owners insert Dog food into these and the Dog will then interact with it to make the food to be released through the outlets. Other designs, are almost as tech savvy as one can imagine, with varying gadgets galore, and timers controlled by apps on mobile devices.

There are some Automatic Pet Feeders which can only fulfil one meal. Others can do several meals for several days. And some Automatic Pet Feeders now are able to provide water and food.

Why would I need an Automatic Pet Feeder?”

Well, the answer to that question could be as diverse as the range of pet feeders currently on the market. 

However no one has enough time in the day to go through reasons “Why?” or “Why not?” to get one. Therefore I have compiled some great information to guide to making an informed choice. Lets take a look at a few examples of Automatic Pet Feeders available from various price points.

Top 5 Questions to ask yourself when purchasing an Automatic Pet Feeder

  1. Am I leaving my beloved pooch for a longer period of time than normal, more than once per week?
  2. Are there days I need to set off to work earlier than normal?
  3. Does the commute to and from work fluctuate all the time?
  4. Is someone else going to be home before me to see to the dog/s?
  5. What is my budget for an Automatic Pet Feeder?

There are different types of pet feeders, as mentioned earlier.

For example the “Free flowing” type of pet feeder, which is controlled by gravity, and the automated type, is usually controlled by a timer or an app on a mobile device.

It sure is something to think about isn’t it? 

So, while you have a little think; let’s look at some of the items available within the differing price points. Starting with lowest first..

Price under £15

DADYPET Dog Food Ball

This item is a Best Seller in its price range.

As well as being a food/treat dispenser, it is also an interactive product, giving dogs a bit of a cognitive workout too!

Suitable for all sizes of dogs, it’s guaranteed to keep your pet amused for hours.

Made from a strong, durable non-t toxic plastic it’s able to withstand rough and tough play without breaking.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

DADYPET Dog Food Ball

PAWise Millster Pet Food Dispenser

This automatic pet feeder has a timing device which can be adjusted to a time within 48 hours

The feeder is made from food grade materials, which are harmless to the human body and pet. So that’s good to know.

To keep food fresh, you can add ice to the inner compartment.

Remember to order some AA batteries too, as they aren’t included.

Check the latest price on Amazon

PAWise Millster Pet Food Dispenser

Ferplast Azimut 600

This pet feeder can be used for either food or water!  It also has anti-slip base to give it stability too! 

The product is quite small so it’s best suited for smaller dogs (or even cats!).

It works well as a water dispenser so paired with PAWise above it makes a great feeding solution.

Check the latest price on Amazon

Ferplast Azimut 600

Price £15 up to £50

In this price category, there is a big jump as to what is available for our money.

One pet feeder that catches my attention in this price point is this one.. the key features are simply fantastic for the price. However, don’t take our word for it, take a look..

PetSafe Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder

Using an LCD Display and Digital Timer setting, meals can be programmed for up to 4 days in advance and also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. 

It’s Easy to clean as both dishes are eaily removable.

Unfortunately, this is another feeder that doesn’t include the 4 AA batteries it needs to work.

Check the latest price on Amazon

PetSafe Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder 

Automatic Pet Feeder by Iseebiz **Our Choice**

This automatic pet feeder takes feeding your dog (or cat) to the next level.

You can customise the whole feeding experience with this automatic pet feeder and even record your voice/call your pet at feeding times too.  The IR Detection helps prevent the Dry food clogging up the machine. 

This high tech device doesn’t use much energy either. Powered by 3 “D type” batteries, which aren’t included, the manufacturer claim it will work for more than 6 months.

If you’d prefer not to use batteries you can use the included power adapter and USB cable.

A true contender in this price point.

Check the latest price on Amazon

Navaris Automatic Food and Water Dispenser

2 in 1 automatic pet feeder with a timer also allows you to set a voice reminder to “remind pets that it’s their feeding time”. 

This pet feeder allows up to 4 meals to be programmed, has 4 individual compartments and also allows the option of having water available too.

It is battery powered by 3 “D type” batteries, and yet again, they’re not included. If you don’t want to use batteries a power supply is included in the box.

Check the latest price on Amazon

Navaris Automatic Food and Water Dispenser

£50 and over

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder With Webcam and WI-FI

This fantastic automatic pet feeder is packed with great features.  You can connect it via wi-fi to your home network in under a minute. 

It has a built in webcam so you can keep an eye on your pet via any Smartphone, Inc iOS, Android or Windows.

Also, it has 6 compartments, and you can set a one off feed or program a schedule.

And the as if that isn’t enough, this mains powered Automatic Pet Feeder also works with both Wet and Dry dog food, or treats!

Check the latest price on Amazon

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder With Webcam and WI-FI

Wagz Smart Dog Feeder

Just when you thought you had seen it all  …. take a look at this aptly named Smart Feeder.

From your Smartphone, you can set up schedules and automatically feed your Dog anytime, anywhere. It also includes a built in HD camera, allowing you to interact with your Dog on the go.

It has a built in system to monitor the food level so it can reorder when the food is low. It also connects with Alexa skill so you can integrate Alexa to check if your dog was fed!

Check the latest price on Amazon

Wagz Smart Dog Feeder

So the only question now that you have seen a selection of Automatic Pet Feeders , is which one to buy?

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