What can I use to Clean Dog’s Teeth?

When it comes to cleaning our Dog’s teeth, it can be a bit daunting… after all; some big, sharp teeth belong to our furry pals.  So, what can you use to clean your Dog’s teeth?  Let’s take a look…

  • There are toothbrushes available specifically for pet Dogs, which fit onto the end of your finger. These are a great way to keep your dog’s teeth clean, without them being rough or too invasive. Finger Toothbrushes are manufactured using a soft, rubber/silicone material. Like in the image below, and give a more gentle approach. Especially around the gums.
What can I use to Clean Dog’s Teeth? 1
Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush
  • Another pet Dog Toothbrush available is one that looks similar to those that we ourselves use.

Like the Canine Toothbrush shown below,  many pet Dog toothbrushes have an ergonomic design these days, making the grip a tad more comfortable.  This product actually has both options in the one pack, so if one type doesn’t suit you or your Dog, then you can try the other… 

What can I use to Clean Dog’s Teeth? 2
Dog Toothbrush
  • Some Dog owners prefer to give their Dog’s Edible Dental Chews; to clean the Dog’s teeth. However, these are not always the best option to use on their own, as they can sometimes leave plaque behind on the back teeth and often the front teeth may not get quite as much attention as they need, which gives plaque a chance to build up to the point where it makes your Dog’s breath smell like… well, bad Dog breath.  Using a Dog toothbrush occasionally along with the Edible Dental chews, is maybe worth considering….
What can I use to Clean Dog’s Teeth? 3
  •  Here is another type of Dental Chew. A Brushing Stick  The Vanuoda Dog Brushing Stick. It’s a Dog Toothbrush which has a meaty flavour and designed to brush both sides of your Dog’s teeth, and it dispenses Dog toothpaste as your Dog chews!  Brilliant product, made from very durable material. 
What can I use to Clean Dog’s Teeth? 4
Dog Toothbrush Stick
  • Another option for helping to keep the plaque down on your Dog’s teeth is by using a food supplement. These supplements are simply added to pets meals. Supplements can be purchased in pet shops or online.  (Maybe consider a chat with a vet if the condition of your Dog’s teeth is at a point where the other methods may not work as well as they should, and seek their advice.) 

Plaque off is a natural product, and also contains natural iodine and contains important vitamins and minerals.  The natural supplement is a specialised formula, designed to help clean Dog’s teeth, it is also good to use for cats too.

Plaque Off works systemically, i.e. through the blood stream.

It is thought to prevent the ability of plaque to stick to surfaces in your pets mouth. And it also helps to soften any tartar. 

A difference may be noticed between 3 to 8 weeks of using the product.

What can I use to Clean Dog’s Teeth? 5
Plaque Off For Pets

Caring for your Dogs teeth

It is recommended that you try and to work your way up to brushing your Dog’s teeth maybe one once a day, however a couple of times a week may suffice if you they generally have a healthier mouth and little or no visible signs of plaque or if indeed they are young Dog’s.  Older Dogs may be more prone to getting plaque on their teeth so it may be a beneficial to try and brush their teeth more often as they get older.

Brushing your Dog’s teeth is not only important for their oral health; it could also have a good impact on their physical health too. 

Caring for your Dog’s teeth can help to prevent heart issues.

When Dogs have little to-no plaque on their teeth, the plaque can not break off and enter the bloodstream and block arteries or blood vessels to the heart; due to having becoming loose and accidentally being swallowed by the Dog.

Some research actually suggests that arthritis in Dogs can be linked to poor oral health; due to types of the bacteria and germs that cause Arthritis, being linked with gum problems. Which has been a long thought about Theory.

Dog Breath ..

Another obvious cause of bad oral health in Dogs like other animals would be gum disease as this can cause the receding or shrinkage of the gums which can in turn loosen the Dog’s teeth, and if left untreated it can cause the teeth to fall out which is also a contributing factor to your Dog having bad breath.

          When it comes to brushing your Dog’s teeth, there are many available Dog toothpastes for your Dog.  They come in a wide variety of flavours and are available at most good pet shops and online.

What can I use to Clean Dog’s Teeth? 6
Dog Dental Toothpast

           As in humans, toothpastes are a good way to help remove the plaque from your Dog’s teeth and leave their breath smelling fresher.

  • Cleaning Dog’s teeth may be introduced from an early age.  Especially if using a soft finger toothbrush which is gentle on their gums.  You can incorporate it into your Dog’s daily/weekly Dog grooming routines, and at the same time it will help to strengthen their bond with you.  It is worth bearing in mind, that when introducing a Dog to having their teeth brushed, their instinct is likely to be either to chew on your finger…  (As they don’t realise it has your finger in the finger toothbrush) or try and pull away from you…  as after all, we spend most of puppy-hood learning our Dogs not to chew on our fingers, and now we want to put them into their mouths….

Keep the sessions short to start with, then as your Dog gets more used to it, the longer you will be able to brush their teeth each time.

So, from a health and safety viewpoint as well as a bonding and cautious viewpoint it is better, if possible to start brushing your dog’s teeth from an early age rather than waiting until they are an adult Dog.  However, IF you do start cleaning your Dog’s teeth when they are older, please don’t be put off.  Slowly show the Dog, that the experience of having their mouths touched can be a pleasant one. One that he/she is going to be rewarded/praised for.  Try not to rush the process. One last thing to bear in mind, after using the Dog toothbrushes, please remember to clean them thoroughly, then they will be all good to go for next time, and not harbouring any nasty germs.

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