Dog Grooming at Home

If you own a dog, the chances are that you enjoy petting your dog too right?

Have you ever noticed that after petting your dog, sometimes your hands may feel at tad gritty or dirty?

Even the most pampered of pooches will tend to have some of the outdoors inside their coat, close to their skin, especially when the weather has been a tad on the wet and muddy side. This is why you may need to groom your dog at home.

So, what can we do?

Regular grooming can help immensely, and will also help strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  Many owners like to groom their dog every day, especially if their dog has long hair or is a breed with a “double coat” like some German Shepherds or even a Husky, and it can also help reduce the amount of shedding or moulting a dog may do as the weather gets warmer or colder, depending on the season and the new coat is coming through, and some owners like to groom their dog every other day.

It is recommended however, that if you are to bath or shower your dog that you do groom prior to doing so, as it will help get some of the loose hair out, which helps make the grooming after the bath or shower a bit easier on your dog.

Here is a selection of dog grooming products that are great for various coat types…

Mikki – Cotton Glove For All Coats (2 Pack)

Ok, yes they look simple, but they are effective and straight forward, easy to use.

Dog Grooming at Home 1

Mikki grooming gloves also help make dog grooming so much easier for those dogs who may be a tad nervous or anxious about being groomed or handled.

The grooming gloves can also be used as a great introduction to grooming for puppies too.  By starting to get young dogs used to being stroked, it can help increase the bond between dog and owner, and associate the experience of grooming as a pleasant one.

Furminator De Shedding Tool For Medium Dogs


Here is an example of a product that revolutionises the world of dog grooming products.

Dog Grooming at Home 2

The Furminator.  Does what it says!

This dog grooming product, (especially when used the first time…) will have you asking “how did I manage without it?”  You will be amazed by the amount of loose/dead dog hair that this product removes from your dog.  The ultimate goal here is that your dog feels so much better for you using it, as it gets rid of all that loose dog hair etc that can cause irritation, plus using the Furminator in your dog’s grooming routine will help promote healthy skin and coat.

Another bonus with most of the Furminator models is the FUReject button.  This helps to get dog hair out of the grooming tool, at the push of a button.  Genius idea.  There are models of Furminator to suit the type of coat that your dog has, for example, short coat, long coat etc.

Wahl 9269 – 810 Multi Cut Mains Dog Clipper Set & Instructional DVD

We couldn’t leave out “clippers”.  There are so many brands on the market now for dog grooming clippers, so knowing where to look first can be a challenge all of its own.

Dog Grooming at Home 3

However, rest assured “Wahl” are a brand that has been around long enough to cut its own name in the grooming industry and stay on top.

The thought of Clipping your dogs hair can be daunting, however, Wahl have addressed that, and included in this fabulous dog clipper set, a DVD to show you how to get started doing the clipping yourself.  Taking that into account, this dog clipping set is not only a high quality dog grooming product, it’s also highly cost effective along with great value for money.

Ok, Talking of giving dog’s a bath or shower…

We do need to be mindful of how often we do it because if we bath them too frequently it can remove the natural oils that are present, which in turn can leave the dogs coat and skin dry.  Make sure you use a shampoo or soap that has been specifically formulated for dog’s, it is also suggested that we limit giving our dogs a bath or shower to no more than one every 3 to 4 weeks, unless absolutely unavoidable, i.e. your dog, like many, happens to find the smelly stuff that they like to roll around in.  Otherwise, simple rinsing off with warm water after a muddy walk in between baths, should be ok until next bath or shower time)

Dog Grooming at Home 4

There are many grooming products on the market catering for the various types of coat a dog may have, so let’s take a look at a few to give you an idea of what is available.

HOWND Yup You Stink!  Conditioning Shampoo

Dog Grooming at Home 5

Hownd is a natural pet care brand, whose products are certified by Cruelty free International.

This dog shampoo is Ph balanced along with being free from alcohol, parabens, soap, dyes and any harsh chemicals.

Containing Eucalyptus and Cedar wood essential oils, which are known for antibacterial and insect repelling properties, this shampoo is gentle on dog’s skin and coat, while still being able to tackle strong odours like Fox poo and all the nasty stuff our dogs love to roll in.

Hownd Yup You Stink!  Have a selection of dog bathing products available, including the Emergency dog wipes. 

Dog Grooming at Home 6

These are a great to have handy in the car too, or just in case Fido finds the dirty puddles out on the walks.

Have you ever struggled with your dog when trying to bath or shower them?  Yes?  Then I have great news for you, please read on…

If you haven’t had a struggle with your dog at bathing time, you may know of someone who does struggle?

In that case I ask you to please tell them about the following dog grooming product.

BathEz Dog Durable Bathing Cable Tub Restraint with Top Performance Strong Suction Cup and Collar

Wow, when I first saw this, I thought nah, won’t make much difference to my dog moving or fidgeting in the bath… what can I say?  I was wrong!  It is the difference between juggling shampoo and the water with one hand to then having both hands available to do the task of bathing a dog.

The suction cup stayed in place, it was easy to alter if I needed to do so. My dog didn’t move around anywhere near as much as before along with being unable to jump out of the bath was then content standing still till the bathing was done.  Brilliant.

Other huge bonus points for this BathEz are that everything is easy to wipe down and dry afterwards too, along with the portability of the product which means when it comes to drying your dog, you can attach the suction cup in another area of your home too.

Great product at a competitive price too.

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