Easter = Chocolate & Dogs

At Easter we all like to enjoy some chocolate, however, it can be a dangerous time of the year for your dog. Here’s our tips on how to keep your pet safe when there’s a lot of chocolate about.

  • Remove from temptation/harm’s way…  If you or family members are likely to be consuming chocolate over the coming Easter holiday, please don’t leave it unattended or at a height that may just tempt the most obedient of dogs.
  • Remember, Dogs and chocolate, (well human chocolate) don’t mix.  Please don’t let your dog have chocolate that isn’t intended for their consumption… it can be extremely harmful to them.
  • Human chocolate contains a component known as THEOBROMINE.  This is TOXIC TO DOGS.  Chocolate and Cocoacan be fatal to dogs.
  • Humans easily metabolize Theobromine, whereas our dogs take much longer to process it, which can lead to a toxic build up in their system.
  • ALWAYS have the phone number for your dog’s vet, or indeed an emergency vet in your area, saved to your phone…
  • If you have pet insurance for your dog, some now provide a 24/7 telephone service to seek guidance/advice.  Extremely helpful, especially at holiday times!

You can now include your dog in the Easter holiday without the risk of your dog eating your chocolate.  You can now purchase Easter eggs eggspecially for your dog, made from CAROB, and free from Gluten or wheat too!

What is CAROB?

Carob is naturally sweet and a pulp that is extracted from the pod of a tree with the same name in the Mediterranean.  Once the pulp is dry, it is made into either a powder or chips.  It’s naturally high in fibre, and free from caffeine, and used as a substitute for chocolate.  It also has a low sugar and low fat content!  How cool is that?

You can even get Carob Easter eggs for dogs

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Easter Eggs for Dogs are available
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