What do I use to remove Ticks from my Dog?

It is that time of year when Ticks become more prevalent.  I’m sure that most dog owners have had Ticks on their Dog at one time or another.  However, how I remove that Tick is a big question really.

There are many different Tools on the market claiming to be the best Tick remover however;  much of it is down to trial-and-error.  Some Tick removing tools are like everyday tweezers and some Tick removing tools are held like a pen and have a little button on the top that you press and that works the pinscher/tweezers at the end and then you have the ones like little hooks that look like simple crochet hooks.


This article is by no means intended to replace any advice given by a veterinary professional.  It is merely offered as a guide as to what is available.  If you are in any doubt as to how to safely remove a tick please refer to the veterinary surgeons or practice nurse for advice.  There are also videos online you can view showing how to do this however I strongly suggest that you speak to her veterinary professional if you are in any serious doubt as safety of your dog is paramount.*

One of the main points to remember about Tick removal from your Dog is to make sure that the entire Tick is removed from your pet.  Often people remove Ticks and then later find that part of the Tick is still in the Dog this is often the Ticks head.  As I’m sure you can imagine, this can lead to infection or indeed disease caught from the Tick itself.

One of the main diseases caused by Ticks is Lyme’s Disease.  This can be in pets and humans very debilitating.  Canine Tick- borne disease is another that Dog’s can contract from Ticks, often transmitted from the Deer Tick.

These can be very serious conditions, and if you notice that your pet may have been bitten by a Tick, and become unwell, or notice a rash, sickness, lethargy, please seek veterinary advice as soon as possible.

If you click on the images it will take you to the products on our website, there you can find more information about each of the products.

The first Tick removing tool that I’m looking at is one that looks like an everyday pair of tweezers.

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What do I use to remove Ticks from my Dog? 1
Tick Removal Tools

This pack of 3 Tick removal tools is great value for money, priced under £10.00

 Yes, that’s right, you get 3 tools, various sizes and of course Ticks are different sizes too, so this is a good idea to have as you can use them on Dogs, Cats and us humans.  These Tick removers are made from durable stainless steel and are lightweight and small enough to carry with you when ever you take your dogs out, or indeed go hiking or camping.

I find that double ended Tick Tweezers are easy to use, and feel quite ergonomic, they feel comfortable to use, and it saves having to swap around for a separate pair of tweezers… simply turn them around!

The Thin ended Tick Removal Tweezers, are also a great addition to any first aid kit, these are great when our pet, or indeed ourselves, have a small tick or deer tick, as it is easy to be a bit more precise for full tick removal.

The Tick remover that has a forked end is a great addition to the pack.

*Please remember to sterilise the tools after they have been used to remove Ticks, then they will also be ready for their next use, should they be needed!

Calops Tick Remover Tick Removal Ticks Tweezers Grooming Tools For DogCatHorseRabbit Eliminate Pests Flea Tweezers

What do I use to remove Ticks from my Dog? 2
Tick Removal Tool

This Tick Remover Tool is like a pen in appearance.  Most are quite easy to use, so if you do have difficulty with using your hands, this isn’t difficult to use.  Priced under £8.00 it’s fair to say it’s a good price for a Tick remover that is straight forward to hold and use.

The way these work is by sliding the Tick hook under the Tick, and gently twisting until the Tick is fully removed from the skin.

*Again, after removing a Tick, please remember to sterilise the tool and then it will be ready if you should need to use it again.

Next up we have these Tick Removal Hooks. Now as i mentioned earlier, these do look like crochet hooks …

Tick Remover – Tick Removal Twister Tool for Dogs, Cats and Humans

Mora Pets has included 3 Tick Removers in this pack, each a different size.

Priced under £5.00 these really are good value.  There is a small, medium and large Tick hook, so you can use the one that best suites the size of the Tick.  With these, you slide the hook under the Tick, and simply twist and pull.

What do I use to remove Ticks from my Dog? 3
Tick Remover Tools

I would say that if you do have dexterity issues with your hands, you may find some of these types of Tick remover a little bit difficult to grip due to the size of them and also the sleek design of the handles … however, if you do make a purchase that you are unable to use, you should be able to get a refund.

*After removing a Tick, please remember to sterilise the tool and then it will be ready if you should need to use it again.

Beaphar Tick Removal Kit

OK, Beaphar have been around in the Pet industry for quite some time now, however, I have to admit, this is a product/pack that I wasn’t familiar with.  So, I rectified that…  and I have to say, that for the price of under £10.00 I am happy with it, it’s a fair price.

This pack contains Non – Toxic Freezing Spray and a Beaphar Tick Boy Tick remover tool.

What do I use to remove Ticks from my Dog? 4
Tick Removal Tools

The Non – Toxic spray freezes the Ticks for easy removal then the V shaped Tick remover exhorts no pressure on the body of the Tick, helping prevent it regurgitating into the affected animal/host.  I recommend that you read the product description prior to purchase and read about both items in the pack.

*After removing a Tick, please remember to sterilise the tool and then it will be ready if you should need to use it again.

The last type of Tick Remover I am going to look at, is the Tick Remover Card

These are very handy and can easily store one in a purse/wallet, training pouch, rucksack etc and even the car, suitable for your whole family and your pets too.

What do I use to remove Ticks from my Dog? 5
Tick Remover Tool
What do I use to remove Ticks from my Dog? 6
Tick Removal Tool

There are various Tick Remover Cards available; however, when it comes to biting things, I feel personally that Smidge are at the top of their game.  This quirky little card priced under £5.00, also comes with a Tick information wallet with full instructions to guide you on what to do and how to do it!  Very well thought outThe Smidge Quick Untick Card also incorporates a magnifying lens, so you can inspect the Tick.

The card is easy to use, and has 2 different size notches for small and larger Ticks; however, the smaller of the notches is ideal for removing thorns and insect stings too!  A great little addition to any first aid kit.

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