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Here at Bowwotech we aim to bring you the most helpful information on products and everything the world of Doggy tech has to bring you. 

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So, myself and some experts in the dog industry write helpful information to help keep your dog fit and well.

We also throw in a bit of tech for dogs – dog tech gear that you won’t believe you can buy that will help you keep your dog not only fitter but also safe!

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Latest Dog Guides & Articles

top 10 puppy beds
Dog beds & Sleeping

Top 10 Puppy Beds | Best Puppy Dog Beds

A Bed Designed for Puppies Why do you need a bed specifically designed for puppies? You’ll be buying countless items of equipment for your new …

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Dog Apparel

Top 10 Hi-Vis Solutions Walking Your Dog | Be Seen in the Dark!

We’re examining the Top 10 hi-vis solutions walking your dog – items of clothing and accessories for your furry friend. This is because I was …

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alabama foot rot
Dog Health

Alabama Foot Rot | What Is It and What To Do?

Alabama foot rot, what the heck is that? Well, I myself had never heard of it until recently. Whilst sitting watching the TV, my sister …

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