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Designed by Dr. Roger Mugford, the COA CarSafe Harness has been developed to provide maximum safety, comfort & protection for your dog in the car and whilst walking. Soft neoprene padding covers all points of contact, with particular focus on the central chest protector. The COA CarSafe Harness is quick to fit and easy to use. Available in four sizes.


Size Guide:Extra Small: Recommended for Yorkshire Terriers and Miniature Poodles. 14-25.5 inches. Small: Recommended for Jack Russells and Westies. 21-25.5 inches. Medium: Recommended for Border Collies and Corgis. 23-29.5 inches. Large: Recommended for Labradors, German Shepherds and Greyhounds. 29-37 inches.

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The patented COA CarSafe Harness provides comfort for the dog, both in the car and whilst walking.
It is extremely strong, secure and safe as it is made from safety-standard seat-belt material.
Extremely comfortable, padded material, featuring a unique ‘X-Cross’ design for strength and security.
Easy to fit and use – just plug directly into your seat-belt socket (not suitable for Volvo or Saab cars) or slide the existing seat belt through the loops in the harness handle.
Can also be used as an extremely comfortable walking harness.


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