The Company of Animals CLIX Recall Training Line 10m

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The training leash has been specifically designed to assist in recall training. It combines security and freedom during training. This means that the dog feels free and is also under control. The CLIX Long leash is made of a soft, black upholstered fabric and is available in lengths of 5 and 10 m. The delivery includes a multilingual training guide.

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  • Each order comes with 1 x Clix Long Line Recall Training, 10 m

  • The Company of Animals Recall Line is a must have for recall training; it allows the dog to be seemingly free and yet remain under control.
    An essential tool for recall training and ideal to allow safe and controlled socialisation for puppies, young dogs, and aggressive dogs.
    Perfect training tool for outings in a public place.
    The soft padded webbing makes the recall line comfortable to hold.
    Available in two different lengths; 5m and 10m.


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