Dog Fleas Protection Spray – Tick and Flea Protective for Dogs – Best Grooming Coat Conditioner (500ML)

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Cruelty Free Dog Flea and Tick Protective Skin Spray with added Avocado Coat Conditioner.

A incredible natural way to offer protection to your pet from fleas and ticks while having the additional benefit of being a great smelling cruelty free coat conditioner.

C&G Cruelty Free Pet Care Formulas are renowned for being the highest standards in the industry. Our unique knowledge and approach to cruelty free pet care comes from our deep understanding of the problems and worries on a daily basis dog owners come up against.

Team Vision – Everyone that works and volunteers within our organisation is a proud animal lover and believes in our long term mission of helping to treat 10 million rescue dogs world wide. It’s no joke folks! – We are well on the way..

Our Unique Blend can prevent grass mites and other itching dog pests from attaching to your dogs skin or coat. Ticks can carry lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases, so you’ll need to put your dog’s health first all year long.

Delicately Balanced Hand Made dog flea and tick remedy contains a blend of coconut, citrus avocado and chamomile oils, and will help to prevent fleas and ticks from attaching themselves to your dog’s skin as well as being a great smelling coat conditioner.

We feel this ticks all of the boxes for being an implausible essential addition to the doggie day care kit.

Enjoy those outdoor walks again and help protect your beloved dogs from the rising risk of insect related diseases. 

Dont just take our word for it..

C&G Have 1000’s of happy customers – We Guarantee your full satisfaction

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BEST FLEA CONTROL FOR DOGS – Take Advantage of our proudly Cruelty Free and Vegan pest remedy for dogs – We use only the highest quality natural essential oils blends and you’ll expect superb protective qualities from our product.
PROTECT FROM LYMES DISEASE – Minimises the risk of Fleas Ticks and mite attaching to your dog thus drastically reducing the likelihood of insect bites which can cause severe illness to your dog.
LUXURY AVOCADO COAT CONDITIONER – Professional grade grooming for small, large dogs and puppies. Great natural essential oils fragrance that smells wonderfully fresh.
NO STRESS PUPPY SAFE – Hand made with care our groom blends are carefully hand selected in the UK to make sure the highest quality products reach you every time. No Harmful Chemicals Ever!
C&G SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We promise to deliver the best quality products and proudly stand by our 30day money back guarantee.