GOFUN Dog Clippers, 5 Speed Cordless Low Noise Pet Clippers Dog Trimmer for Dogs Cats Horses with LCD Screen Indicate Power/Oil/Cleaning

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1.Save on Expensive Beauty Costs
This dog grooming kit can be used on a wide range of pets and can save you hundreds of dollars throughout your pet’s life cycle that you can spend on their food and vet care. No horrible hooks–precise titanium inserts ensure your pet is in the process of grooming Very comfortable.

2. Provided with detachable cutter head design:
It is easier and more convenient for cleaning and changing outworn cutter head, and it will not be accumulated and blocked by hair. After washing, it is better to wipe it and drop lubricants to reduce loss.

3. Built in high-power and ultra quiet motor:
It possesses adequate power to prevent the hair from getting stuck. And the low noise design help the pet feel at ease and make the trimming process easier.

4. Cordless & Cord Use, 4 Hours Continuous Cordless Use
The rechargeable 2000mA Li-ion Battery inside the clipper can supply the power 4 hours without interruption. The cordless plus the super long power supply feature is perfect for long hour clipping.

5. 100% Money Back Guarantee Service
If you are not satisfied with our product, we will offer you full refund or new replacement. You do not take any risk to purchase here. This professional pet clipper is very high quality, welcome to try this product and you will not regret your choice here.

Please Note: Due to the shipping restrictions, the box isn’t included oil accessories. It’s better to add a little lubricant oil before use.

?5 SPEED PET CLIPPERS: PRO pet clippers with 5 speed setting-5000/5500/6000/6500/7000 rotation per minute. It allows to slow things down when you are doing sensitive areas like pet’s head, also a little quieter than the high setting
?POWERFUL MOTOR DOG GROOMING CLIPPERS: The motor is extremely powerful with maximum 7000 rotation per minute. The speed is quite suitable for thick hair animal. It has a digital screen that shows all the information you need in one spot
?ADJUSTABLE & SHARP BLADE: The Pet Grooming Clipper has 3 sizes of Ceramic and Stainless Steel Blade of 1.3mm/1.6mm/1.9mm for variable lengths of clipping. The blade is extremely sharp and cut through even the thickets spots of fur with ease
?LOW NOISE PET CLIPPERS FOR DOGS CATS: This professional pet grooming clipper features in its low noise. The sound it produces when working is less than 60 decibels. It will not scare you pets and help the pets feel at ease, assisting you in clipping pet’s hair smoothly
?CORDLESS & CORDLESS USING DESIGN DOG TRIMMER: You can use the Pet Grooming Clipper in two ways – with cord or cordless. With the cordless design, you can use it easily and conveniently, without the interruption of cumbersome wires. If you need to use the clipper urgently, and it has been out of power, you can plug and play it immediately


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