KOBWA Unique Dog Puzzle Toy, Pet Puzzle Feeder Bowl, Fun Interactive IQ Game to Hide Treats in – Improve Concentration – Reduce Hyperactivity, Puzzle Smart Toys for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats

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KOBWA Dog IQ treat slow feeder is a revolutionary way to turn a dog’s meal into a challenging time-consuming game. Slowing down eating helps reduce the risk of bloat and the unlpleasant after-effects of eating too fast, resulting in a happier and healthier dog.

Designed with colors that are withing the spectrum of your dogs vision. Dogs are naturally visual, so your pet will surely have a field day with this brightly colored slide treat dispenser.

Sharpen your dog’s mind and decision skills with this puzzle toy. It doubles as a treat dispenser and a flip and slide toy that will help them make good decisions.

The board has five holes for hiding treats. And these turnable balls challenge the dog to find the treats in the right holes.

These puzzles provide mental stimulation and reward your dog for being able to complete the task. Mission Possible. The Challenge: Find the Treat.

Puzzle dog toys are not only fun but they also strengthen your dog’s cognitive abilities. Dog puzzles such as treat dispensing toys are a fun challenge to stimulate your pet. Keeps your pet busy and eliminates boredom.

Package include:
Pet puzzle toy*1

PERFECT FOR HIDE AND TREAT GAME — Not only this Kobwa IQ toy is a great interactive game for your pet, it also helps your pet gain intelligence. Just hide some treats inside and let your dog find them.
ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL— The food dispensing bowl is made of high-strength ABS material, food-safe material, durable and non-toxic.
MAKE YOUR PET MORE ACTIVE — With this unique IQ training pet toy, your pet will never feel bored and lonely. This puzzle toy for dogs helps prevent boredom and related negative behavior, good for training or alone time.
MULTIFUNCTION PET IQ EDUCATIONAL TOYS — The pet IQ educational toy has the effect of slow food bowl, Control the speed of eating, help dogs keep a good shape and state. When you hide treats in the puzzle toy, it provides mental stimulation and rewards your dog for being able to complete the task.
100% EASY TO MAINTAIN — This IQ pet toy is made up of Multi-color shapes which raise the interest of your pet highly and is easy to maintain as the different colors are easy to spot while cleaning up.