minifinder® Atto Dog GPS Tracker

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Colour Name:BLACK 1 (Tracker + 3 months subscription included)

MiniFinder Atto is one of the world’s smallest Pet GPS tracking device on the market. Atto is a waterproof, small, and lightweight GPS tracker. The size is only 61mm * 35mm * 16mm and it weighs as little as 38g.

Behind the little shell, it is the technology of the highest quality. The device is well-suited for all kinds of pets tracking, especially dog and cat.

The distinctive feature of this device, in addition to the design and size, is the long battery life. In the standby mode, the device can last up to 20 days. Atto is the only unit of this size on the market can achieve this.

MiniFinder Atto is based on the world’s leading GPS technology and has a built-in GPS chip from U-Blox (Swiss made) that is both lean and powerful. Minifinder Atto GPS tracker will help you keep full track of your pet. Besides positioning, you can also “talk” to your pet and give them commands. The speaker is strategically located on the side of the unit so that your pet can hear your voice as best as possible.

Key Features

  • Tracking with MiniFinder GO
    Real-time Tracking via MiniFinder GO Tracking System. Free APP available to download in App Store and Google Play.
  • Low battery warning
    At low battery, you get an alarm on your mobile phone or computer when the battery is low and your MiniFinder needs to be charged.
  • GeoFence alarm
    Draw a virtual fence on the map and get warnings if your MiniFinder leaves a pre-defined area.
  • Talk to the animal
    The device supports voice communication. You can call your Minifinder and give orders to your pet such as “Come home”, “sit”, “lie” etc

  • SUBSCRIPTION PLAN NEEDED. 3-month subscription is included in the price. Data plan cost is £4.99/month. We will issue an invoice every 3d month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
    WORLDWIDE COVERAGE. 100% Waterproof. IP67 certificated.
    LONG BATTERY LIFE. Up to 20 days in Standby Mode. Up to 4 days live tracking.
    HIGH QUALITY and High positioning accuracy. Only 1 meter under open sky.
    LIVE TRACKING, Call Function, GeoFence Alarm, Location History.


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