Petdentist Charcoal Toothbrush Plus Petsmile Cat Dog Toothpaste Best for Dental Teeth Cleaning Treating Bad Dog Breath Tartar Plaque Gingivitis and Whitening Teeth in Dog Dental Care – Combo

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No other pet dog toothpaste compares to Petsmile’s unique formula. The Calprox formula is proven to inhibit harmful bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque build-up. Its effectiveness at strengthening tooth enamel is unparalleled. Best of all it’s made using no parabens, silica, SLS or animal by products.

Dental health often goes unnoticed, until it’s too late. Dental problems are one of the leading causes that pets have to visit the vet. Save yourself some money and your pet some pain, and use Petsmile to take care of all their oral health needs, before it’s too late.

End bad pet breath for good, with our natural, enzymatic toothpaste. There’s nothing worse than trying to snuggle your loved pet and not being able to handle their breath. With Petsmile, you get to the root of the problem; our enzymatic toothpaste rids the mouth of bad odour causing bacteria.

The only Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) recommended and approved pet toothpaste on the market. The Veterinary Oral Health Council recommends Petsmile for daily use. It’s gentle yet effective at keeping teeth strong and preventing gum disease and gingivitis.

Easy to use with a delicious beef flavour your pet will love. Petsmile is the simplest method of taking care of your pet’s mouth. You can apply it with the Pet Dentist – Bamboo Charcoal Pet Toothbrush – Dental Care for Dogs and Cats – Natural Toothbrush with Extra Super Soft Bristles – Enjoy Fresher Breath and Whiter Teeth – Fits Small, Medium, and Large Breeds. Pulls plaque away naturally, killing Bacteria and Germs, Naturally Deodorising Toothbrush.

Great for dogs and cats that have trouble brushing.

Petsmile works on contact to dissolve the protein pellicle on your pet’s teeth. That’s where stains, plaque and bacteria form. Regular use reduces plaque for a healthier, cleaner mouth and a happier pet.

Dental Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush Combo – Petsmile proprietary formula with Calprox cleans teeth and controls plaque build up
Freshens – Petsmile Unique Tooth Paste Formula Plus Petdentist Soft Bamboo Charcoal Tooth Brush Provides long-lasting germicidal protection for fresher breath. Don’t let your pet fall victim to gingivitis gum disease and infection
Safe & Vet Dentist Approved – The only pet cat and dog toothpaste approved by VOHC The Veterinary Oral Health Council plus Recommended by Petdentist
Natural Teeth Whitening – Bamboo Charcoal and Calprox safely lifts surface stains from teeth gently
Easy To Use No Fuss & Delicious – Dog teeth cleaning kit easy to use application with Bamboo Charcoal pet puppy dog toothbrush for safe deep cleaning with a tasty beef flavour toothpaste