Safetots Premium Pet Pen and Puppy Training Pen Range

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Size Name:Large Hexagon

This product is the ultimate quality and luxury pen for your pet. No longer will your pet be restrained by metal cages but instead have a luxury lounge area that will become part of your home and theirs. The Safetots Pet Pen keeps your pet in a safe area or stops them from reaching areas in the home that are off limit. Flexible and easy to assemble, the playpen is configured with premium hard grade wood panels and includes an extra-wide door panel for easy access. This durable and designer pen measures at a height of 73cm and is complete with 1x 80cm gate panel, 4x 80cm panels and 5x 40cm. Additional panels can extend this further to make a wider space for those larger pets. This multi-functional pen can be converted to a safety gate, room divider, hearth gate or pet pen.

Ideal for puppy training- leave your new toilet training puppy in a safe space whilst unsupervised
Suggested for large dogs such as Siberian Huskys and Labrador Retrievers.
This configuration is complete with 1x 80cm gate panel, 4x 80cm panels and 5x 40cm.
Extra Wide Door Section for Easy Access, with simple slide and lift opening mechanism


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