The Company Of Animals CLIX Noises & Sounds CD

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Clix Noises & Sounds CD is designed to be used as a tested method for treating and preventing sound phobias in puppies and dogs. Engineered by the experts at The Animal Behaviour Centre, this CD has four categories; bangs, transport, household appliances and people. The CD contains a total of 30 tracks and each is approximately three minutes long. This CD comes with a comprehensive training manual that will show owners how to use the CLIX Noises & Sounds CD effectively. This is an indispensable product for dogs who are annoyed and easily frightened by noises and is a great training aid.

The COA Noises and Sounds CD contains everyday sounds from both inside and outside the home and is a proven technique for the prevention and treatment of sound phobias.
Recommended by vets and animal behaviourists.
100% Synthetic
Hand wash
Fastening: Belt
Long Sleeve
Established method of desensitisation.
Includes comprehensive training manual.
Wide variety of sounds and used for puppy education.