Travall Guard TDG1248 – Vehicle-Specific Dog Guard

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This product fits the following vehicles:

  • Skoda Yeti (2009 – 2013)
  • Skoda Yeti (2013 – Current)

Please note: the parcel shelf cannot be used when the Travall Guard is in place.

The Travall Guard for Skoda Yeti can be used as a dog guard to give your dog a comfortable space on a car journey. It also acts as a luggage barrier to help stop the contents of your car boot from entering the passenger cabin if you need to brake hard. Unlike universal dog guards, the Travall Guard is made specifically for your make and model of car to give a perfect, rattle-free fit. Made to the same standards as the original vehicle manufacturer guards, Travall guards are made of steel and coated in a non-scratch finish so your accessory stays pristine for longer! Each guard is supplied with a full fitting kit and a fitting guide for easy at-home installation. The Travall Guard sells world wide, enabling drivers in over 80 countries to enjoy the journey. Customers are loving the Travall Guard for Skoda Yeti. With comments such as “A great product at a very fair price,” “Perfect fit, looks good and is as steady as a rock,” you’ll know that you’ve purchased the best vehicle-specific accessory for your car. Complete with a limited lifetime warranty, doesn’t your family deserve a Travall Guard too?

Fits: SKODA Yeti (2009-CURRENT) *[Full vehicle list below]
Please note: the parcel shelf cannot be used when the Travall Guard is in place.
Travall Guard for the Skoda Yeti keeps your dog comfortable and secure in the boot of your car.
It is easy to install your dog barrier for the Skoda Yeti in around 15 minutes with no vehicle modifications.
“Really easy to fit and far better value than the product which the dealer tried to sell me.” Review of TDG1248 by verified Amazon customer