Be prepared – Canine First Aid kits

Welcome to our newest edition of Tip of the week.

This week, I feel we should talk about Canine First Aid Kits. Yep, First Aid Kits for our Dogs. ALL Dog owners should have at least one of these.

Now that the weather has finally started to warm up a tad out come the awful Ticks.  (and Fleas.)  These are horrible.  IF you know how to remove a Tick from your dog, and you can get the whole Tick out, then many Canine First Aid Kits have a Tick remover tool or Tick Tweezers in them and you can use these.  If you are NOT sure how to do it, then it is worth having a trip to see a vet nurse or a Dog Groomer, and ask if they wouldn’t mind showing you how to do it correctly so you can get the whole Tick out in one go.

There are many different Canine First Aid Kits on the market. The First Aid Kit I currently use for my Dogs, is one I have no hesitation in recommending. It’s this Canine First Aid Kit shown below. Warwick Comprehensive Pet First Aid kit includes Blood Stop Swabs . 

Warwick Comprehensive Pet First Aid kit includes Blood Stop Swabs

It comes complete with a handy storage case. It is an ideal size. Not too bulky. Included are these handy Blood Stop Swabs. 

Another feature I love about this Canine First Aid Kit is that it has included, a leaflet covering dangerous foods for Dogs, and a leaflet about CPR for your dog.  These in my opinion can be life saving, no matter how much we know about our Dog’s, it is a case of would we remember it at the time if our pet needed it? 

Would we recall it if we panicked?

These leaflets can put our minds at ease with easy to follow instructions/guidance.

It’s good practice to have to hand, a Canine First Aid Kit when you walking your Dog.  Maybe if you drive to your favourite Dog walking spots, you could have one in the car?

Or if you and your family like to go hiking with your beloved pets, a compact First Aid Kit would fit into your backpack? 

It is always better to be prepared…

Please take a look at our other Canine First Aid article, it’s features some great products too!

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