Car Safety with Your Dog

Do I need to have my dog restrained in the car?

Here in the UK, the Highway Code RULE 57, states the following:

“When in a vehicle, make sure Dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving, or injure you or themselves, if you stop quickly”.  “A seat belt harness, pet carrier, Dog cage or Dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.”

Be prepared for travelling with your Dog

Having your Dog/s restrained in the car may sound daunting at first, however, if your Dog is a breed which is fairly small, it may be convenient to have a carrier on the back seat…  and the *seat belts fitting the carrier.  (*Please refer to manufacturers suggestions regarding use.)

 If your Dog is a bigger breed, then the car cargo area/boot, would most likely be the best place for your Dog.

Car Safety with Your Dog 1

Here is a Fabric Pet Carrier.  Very comfortable for your Dog, this one even includes a washable blanket.  These are very attractive. They are easy to clean and this model is available in a variety of sizes. Starting small (for Dog breeds like Chihuahua & Pomeranian) right up to XXL (Dog breeds like Husky & Labrador!  These Pet carriers are very good value for money, and very versatile.

This is a Dog cage more suitable for the car cargo/boot area.  It does have a slope, which helps to utilise the space more efficiently. Also a better option to look at if you own a hatchback car, as the rear windscreen/hatch wouldn’t close if you use a square cage.  (Yeah, we found out the expensive way…oops)

Car Safety with Your Dog 2

Metal Dog cages are more often, more sturdy than a Fabric ones, and it’s often easier to secure them to your car’s anchor points in the cargo/boot area, for added safety.

The metal Dog cage shown here is from Ellie Bo. They include a Fleece liner/cage mat and are available in different sizes too.

Can I get fined for not restraining my Dog in the Car?

Driving with Dog’s loose in the car can be lethal.  In the event of an accident, the Dog would become a projectile.  One which could seriously injure a passenger even be fatal.  The force of the unrestrained Dog is immense, more than enough to send the Dog through the windscreen.  It is worth noting, that if you are stopped by police, and you have an unrestrained Dog in the car you could face being fined for driving without due care and attention. This can carry a maximum fine amount of £2,500 and up to 9 penalty points on your driving licence.

Take a look at the variety of Dog travel products on Bowwowtech, You will find different sizes, styles and prices.  Help Fido have a safer car journey too.

Look out for our main Blog on Dog cages for Car travel coming soon..

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