Dog Walking in Spring Weather – Owners guide

Welcome to our newest edition of Tip of the week no.3.  As we step into Spring, the weather still doesn’t know how it is going to behave, wet, muggy, even snowy, so our dog walking may continue to resemble the Autumn and Winter months.  One thing we can do to help make our dog walks a tad jollier & cleaner, is to make sure we either take with us an old towel for the dog/s or some handy wipes!

These are in our opinion, invaluable.  (If you take a towel in the car, it may be worth also taking a bag to put it into once it’s been used, as it could be a tad dirty!)

Recommended: Hownd Yup You Stink!  Emergency Dog Wipes (Pack of 2)

Dog Walking in Spring Weather - Owners guide 1

These are ideal for wiping your dog down after a walk, when you get back to the car for example, or simply wiping their paws.  Whichever way you choose to use these handy Dog Wipes, they will help make your cleaner and help save time by not necessarily requiring a full on bath!  These Hownd Yup You Stink Dog Wipes come in packs of 5, and are antibacterial and gentle on your dog too.  Take a look more of their dog bathing products on our website.

Another tip for helping keep our dog/s clean on walks is buy them a dog coat!  Yeah, I know, it’s no longer winter, however now there are some pretty fabulous dog coats available, that don’t make your dog too hot or sweaty.  Like this coat for example:

Recommended: Go Walk Hi Vis Coat

Dog Walking in Spring Weather - Owners guide 2

This dog coat is “specifically designed to maintain your pets’ natural body temperature, whilst providing comfort, durability and protection like no other.”

This coat is suitable for all breeds of dog, and comes in a range of 6 sizes.

It’s ideal and easy to take along with you on a dog walk, in case the weather is unpredictable or if it is a tad murky out and about, it’s also not going to take much room up in the car should you choose to leave it there “just in case”.  Take a look at the full details on our website.

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