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Top 5 signs that a Dog’s teeth may need cleaning or attention

In our latest edition of Tip of The Week, we take a brief look at the Top 5 Signs that a Dog’s teeth may need cleaning..

  • Discolouration – Your Dog’s teeth may appear a yellow or brownish colour, which may indicate a tartar build up
  • Discomfort when eating – Your Dog may show signs of discomfort when eating if they have a sore mouth, bad tooth (or damaged tooth)
  • Bad breath – If your Dog has a case of bad breath, this can be an indicator of an underlying condition, therefore shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Bleeding gums – If you notice that your Dog has bleeding gums, (and they haven’t been chewing on something they shouldn’t ) then maybe  your Dog ought to have them checked
  • Pawing at their mouth – This can be an indicator that something is not quite right in their mouth. 

There are numerous products on the market nowadays to help us help our Dog’s teeth/oral hygiene. 

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However, if you are unsure what is safe to give your Dog, please do seek advice from a professional. As there are many differing factors to take into account. Like the age of the Dog. (If it is an older Dog, then maybe his teeth are a bit more sensitive) Or size of the Dog etc.

 (Maybe a larger breed Dog isn’t going to be able to chew on products specifically aimed towards the smaller breeds. As these may be a choking hazard to a large Dog…)

 It is better to get professional advice sooner rather than later…

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