Ticks, dreaded Ticks, What can I use to repel Ticks from my Dog?

There are many types of Tick repellent on the market, ranging from chemical ones to natural plant based ones.  And much of it comes down to personal preference and how sensitive your Dog’s skin maybe…  Or even the area where you live can play an active role in the final decision.  If you live in the countryside you will be more prone to finding Ticks on your Dog than in you live in the city …  Whichever the answer maybe, there is a product that will suit you and your Dog.

I tend to use this product on my Dog’s, it’s from Barrier Called Barrier Natural Flea and Tick Spray, 400 ml.  None of our Dog’s have had an adverse reaction to this product, and we personally recommend it regularly.

Priced under £14.00 it lasts a fair while, based on 2 Dog’s and used several times per week in peak Tick season.  It is totally natural, however it is strong enough to protect against fleas as well as Ticks.  It does have a strong smell to it, but it isn’t too overpowering. 

Try to apply it outside; prior to each walk, making sure the wind isn’t blowing it back towards the Dogs face.  Make sure to have some protection on your hands when applying and spray on to your hands first then apply to your Dog around the neck area, instead of spraying near their face as that could be very unpleasant if it got into their eyes or up their nose.  Pay attention to the Dogs legs, and tail.  By using the product prior to the walk, it helps reduce the chance of Ticks staying on your Dog, compared to applying it after the walk, as by that time, the pesky Ticks can find a warm place and attach to your Dog.

Pay attention to Dogs feet and “private” area’s when checking for Ticks as these area’s are often over looked.  When returning from each walk, always check your Dog’s over and give them a brush, making sure you can’t see any nasty little Ticks or even sharp thorns etc. It is a great opportunity to praise your Dog, and build that bond between you.

Please be mindful when using any kind of Tick or Flea repellent, never apply chemicals that have not been prescribed by a vet, to a particular sensitive area of your Dog, and ALWAYS check the label of any product prior to using it.  If you have any doubt as to whether or not to go ahead with it, please check with a veterinary nurse first.

Please take a look at our article about Ticks, called “What do I use to remove Ticks from my Dog?”  It is very informative and also goes into more detail about various Tick removal tools available. 

There are a variety of Tick Repellents on the market, and various potions that some owners make at home; however it is worth noting that if your dog is going into water…  it may need to be reapplied afterwards.

IF you know how to remove a Tick from your Dog, and you can get the whole Tick out, then many Canine First Aid Kits do have a Tick remover tool or Tweezers in them and you can use these.  However, if you are NOT sure how to do it, then it is worth having a trip to see a vet nurse or a Dog Groomer, and ask them if they wouldn’t mind showing you how to do it correctly so you can get the whole Tick out in one go.

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