Tip of The Week “Being prepared…”

In this Tip of The Week, we are looking at the sometimes, controversial topic of dog waste. OK, inevitably, All dog owners have to deal with it at some point or another. But, whether out on a walk or at home in our gardens,  no one likes to. However, if we want to keep on the right side of local laws and neighbours and hygiene, we do have to clean it up.  So, let’s all make the dirty task of poop a scooping, a quick and easy one by “Being Prepared”.

Don’t be caught out by not having a poop bag!

Maybe, consider going to all the jackets you wear when walking your dog, and putting a couple of poop bags into a pocket of each one. And then maybe go out to your car, (if you take your dog in the car too) and place a few poop bags in there too!

Why?  Because believe me, the chances are there is likely to come a time when we don’t always check first. Or we assume there are some poop bags already in our pockets or in the car!

It’s worth checking the Handipod Poop bag dispenser out below, you could have one for your walking jacket, and one for the car…  “Be Prepared”…

We Recommend: HandiPOD Poop Bag Dispenser with Sea Breeze Scented Hand Sanitiser

This Handipod poop bag dispenser and hand sanitiser all in one is a great way to help make sure you are prepared for your dog walks. Not only does it have the poop bags, it also has a compartment for the sanitiser, to ensure you can disinfect your hands too. Dermatologist tested.

The Handipod is refillable and available in 2 colours. Black has Sea Breeze scented sanitiser and the Purple Handipod has Lemon Scented sanitiser. It comes with a good sized D ring which enables the Handipod to be attached to a belt, dog lead or bag.

Tip of The Week “Being prepared...” 1

It’s a great product. However, don’t simply take our word for it! Because customers have awarded the Handipod 4 ½ star rating out of 5!

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