What Brain Games I Can Do With My Dog?

Here is a great list of Brain Games you can do with your Dog.  We go into more detail with our full article, called “Brain Games For Your Dog”.

Playing interactive Brain Games with Your Dog can also be a great way to help the family be more involved with your Dog too.  Why not let your children help you to hide treats, and choose the hiding places?  (under guidance) They too will enjoy the games.

  • Basic Hide ‘N’ Seek

This can be as simple or complicated as you wish, however it is always a good idea to start off basic, and build it up as you and your Dog get more used to it.

For example, take some of your Dog’s daily kibble, (or if Raw fed, use some dry liver maybe) and ask your Dog to ‘Sit’ in one room, and ‘Stay’ there, while you hide the food.

  • Basic ‘NoseWork’ / Scentwork

This is a brilliant Brain Game For Your Dog.

You don’t need to pay lots of money to play this brain game with your Dog.

All you need for basic NoseWork / Scentwork with your Dog are some empty, clean Flower Pots.  The flower pots I refer to are the ones with the holes in the bottom, preferably the plastic ones, all the same colour.

(It is important to ensure the pots are clean, and dry, however it’s important to ensure there are NO Sharp bits.) 

  • Dog Puzzles

Dog Puzzles are as the name suggests.  They are interactive Brain Games For Dogs.  There are many different kinds of Dog Puzzles, and many have differing levels of difficulty too. 

One brand that has been providing Dog Puzzles for a long time now, and is well established as a market leader in the area, is Nina Ottoson. 

  • Snuffle mats

A Snuffle Mat For Dogs is a mat for your Dog to forage for food treats with. 

They tend to have fleece type material strips of different lengths and colours, totally covering the mat.  Some of the newer designs of Snuffle Mats, have flaps of material and pockets too, so your Dog has to work a tad harder in order to retrieve the food.

Many owners have taken to using these snuffle mats to feed their Dogs meals, rather than a conventional Dog bowl method, as different amounts can be hidden/ scattered through the mat throughout a set period of time.  These mats can really engage your Dogs mind, and give them much needed stimulation.

Please check out the section on our website called Dog Games|Brain Games, it has a fantastic selection of Games, Books , Puzzles and Snuffle Mats too!

Brain Games For Dogs: Fun ways to build a strong bond with your dog and provide it with vital mental stimulation

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