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Top 5 signs that a Dog’s teeth may need cleaning or attention

What can I use to Clean Dog’s Teeth?

There are specialised pet Dog toothbrushes available that can fit on the end of your finger and these are a great way to keep your dog’s teeth clean without them being rough or too invasive. The Finger Dog Toothbrushes tend to be manufactured from a soft, rubber/silicone type material like in the image below, and this can give a more gentle approach, especially around the gums.

What Dog Grooming brush should I use for my Dog?

**First of all, take a look at the type of coat/hair your Dog has and ask a couple of questions as you go… ( ** This article is intended as a guide, and if your Dog has any current/ongoing skin conditions or irritations, it is always better to consult a professional prior to making a purchase, to make sure the grooming tool/product isn’t going to aggravate/irritate the skin further. )

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