Top 10 Dog Collars | 2020 Updated Review 1

Top 10 Dog Collars | 2020 Updated Review

When you and your dog are out for a walk/run, a ‘playgroup’ session or other outdoor experience, you’ve probably put a collar on your dog to help keep it under control. In this article, you will find a selection of 10 different types of collars depending on what you and your dog require.  Whether you need a […]

Top 10 Dog Leads | 2020 Updated Review 2

Top 10 Dog Leads | 2020 Updated Review

When out and about with your dog for a walk/run, ‘playgroup’ session, bike ride, hike or other outdoor experience, you’ll need a dog lead to help keep your dog under control as well as feeling safe yourself, knowing that you are in complete control when out in public places. Here, we have reviewed a selection of different […]


Top 10 Dog Coats | 2020 Complete Buyer Guide

Although your dog has a natural fur coat, it may not be enough to keep him warm in cooler or cold weather. Whilst some breeds do come equipped with their very own external layering system, others have finer, lighter layers of fur and there are those which are not genetically suited to the environments in which […]


Top 10 Hi-Vis Solutions Walking Your Dog | Be Seen in the Dark!

We’re examining the Top 10 hi-vis solutions walking your dog – items of clothing and accessories for your furry friend. This is because I was driving home on Monday 28th October 2019; the day after the clocks went back. It was about 5.15 in the late afternoon, so it was already very dark, needing headlights […]