Dog Walking in Spring Weather – Owners guide

Dog Walking in Spring Weather As we step into Spring, the weather still doesn’t know how it is going to behave, wet, muggy, even snowy, so our dog walking in Spring weather may continue to resemble the Autumn and Winter months.  One thing we can do to help make our dog walks a tad jollier […]

dog swimming

Do All Dogs Know How To Swim?

Due to the term ‘doggie paddle’, most people are of the belief that all dogs are natural swimmers, regardless of breed. This can be a very dangerous assumption to make which could see people put their dogs in danger if not informed properly. A dog has many natural instincts and an ability to keep themselves […]

naughty dog

How to Recognise and Calm Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Do you know how to recognise and calm separation anxiety in dogs? In this article we delve into the causes of separation anxiety, also known as separation related behaviour, and suggest how to cope with it and eradicate it in your dog. Dogs are companions, they build an incredibly strong bond with their owners from […]

dog in a travel cage

Dog Travel Cage | Travelling with Your Dog in a Car

Can my Dog travel in the car boot?
The answer is YES, your Dog can travel in the car boot. Many Dog cage manufacturers produce cages specifically for use in the car/vehicle boot.


Top 10 Hi-Vis Solutions Walking Your Dog | Be Seen in the Dark!

We’re examining the Top 10 hi-vis solutions walking your dog – items of clothing and accessories for your furry friend. This is because I was driving home on Monday 28th October 2019; the day after the clocks went back. It was about 5.15 in the late afternoon, so it was already very dark, needing headlights […]