Top 10 Hi-Vis Solutions Walking Your Dog | Be Seen in the Dark!

We’re examining the Top 10 hi-vis solutions walking your dog – items of clothing and accessories for your furry friend. This is because I was driving home on Monday 28th October 2019; the day after the clocks went back. It was about 5.15 in the late afternoon, so it was already very dark, needing headlights on the car to be in use.

I’m not a nervous driver, but I certainly was that evening! Not all the street-lights were on, there were a lot of pedestrians, including children, joggers, cyclists and dog-walkers, out and about – and I couldn’t see them until I was almost next to them!

As I drove further, I became seriously worried that someone would be crossing the road and I wouldn’t see them in time to stop. My journey took me through villages and farmland; the pavements were either lined with high, dark walls or very high, thick hedges. Against this sort of background, you just can’t see pedestrians and dog-walkers. Needless to say, my journey was slower than normal; being aware of the need to be extra vigilant.

When I arrived home I (relieved that no catastrophe had occurred), I took to my laptop to find out what information is available to help dog-walkers and their loved ones stay safe and seen in the dark. You’ll see the results lower down in this article.

top 10 hi viz solutions for dogs

Dog Walking Safety At Night

The brighter you make you and your dog appear, the better. You should wear reflective or light-coloured clothing yourself. Wearing dark garments will do nothing for your safety. Stay safe at night when out walking your pet, follow some simple steps to ensure the safety of you both.

Carry a torch so that you can light up your pathway. Even better than a torch is a head-torch; this will free up both hands, giving you more control over your pup. It’s also easier to pick up and dispose of doggy poop when both hands are free.

Products using LED lights abound these days; they throw out bright light and can even light up your way to some extent. Some are easily recharged using a USB cable.

Reflective items such as leads with reflective stripes or coats with reflective seams etc will illuminate in the headlights of vehicles.

Clip-on lights can be attached to collars, leads, coats, harnesses – just about any item; please make sure that any light you use is waterproof or at least water-resistant. The batteries for some lights are removable so that you can change or recharge them when necessary.

Glow sticks/bracelets are another bright idea as an inexpensive visibility solution.

Take your mobile phone with you. Make sure you have all the emergency numbers loaded to cover any incidents that may occur. Don’t use headphones or earbuds, so that you are fully aware of all noises around you and can react accordingly. Your phone can double up as a backup source of light if the need arises. Should you become lost, your phone will have a navigation app that you can use to get you back on track.

Above all, only use walking routes that you know well and which are well lit. That and the right visibility accessories will keep both you and your pet safe when out walking at night.

Drivers Can’t See Your or Your Dog at Night

Vehicle drivers cannot see you or your dog when you’re out walking at night; especially if you are walking with the traffic and not towards it. If neither of you is wearing night-time gear, your visibility to drivers is next to zero, possibly until their vehicle is upon you. Their concentration is on the road ahead and what other drivers are doing (well, should be!!).

Even with reflective clothing such as a reflective vest, coat or lead, it may not be bright enough to attract the attention of a driver to make him/her aware of your presence.

Carrying a torch or wearing a head-lamp will make them more quickly aware that you are a pedestrian, even if they don’t actually see your pooch.

You should wear a bright hi-vis jacket or lights yourself, and ensure you have your dog well lit-up too.

Help drivers help you to stay safe when taking your pet for a night-time walk!

Make Your Dog Visible at Night | Challenges of Walking in the Dark

The most obvious challenge when walking your dog during the darker, winter nights, is ensuring that both you and your dog can be seen.

If you – the human – can’t see where you’re walking, the probability of inadvertently falling off the kerbside or trip up on uneven or broken pavements becomes a higher risk.

Picking up your pooch’s poop to dispose of, won’t be an easy task if it happens in the dark; especially if you don’t have a torch on you.

There’s nothing more startling than having a dog bounding towards you in the dark; keep your dog on a lead.

On dimly lit roads, even walking across a driveway or junction can cause problems if a driver can’t see you or your pup.

Your furry friend isn’t in a safe situation when walking in the dark either, a myriad of dangers can lurk underfoot – broken glass – sharp articles – carelessly discarded bottles and tins.

Keep Your Dog on a Leash When Out Walking at Night

No matter how safe an area you live in regarding traffic, or how well your dog responds to your command to heel, it should be non-negotiable to keep your beloved furry friend on a lead when out at night.

An obvious reason for keeping your pooch on a lead is to prevent it from wandering off into an area where you can’t see it, or worse still, get lost.

If your dog is free to roam (not on a lead), it may see something interesting and trot off to investigate; crossing a road in the dark is dangerous both for your hound and road users (drivers). We know of an owner of a young dog that ran out into the path of a lorry in broad daylight and sadly died – a very hard lesson which the owner has never forgotten.

Stray cats out at night are a typical ‘go get it!!’ creature that some dogs find difficult to ignore.

Nocturnal creatures emerge during the darker hours; keep your pup on a lead to keep it from bolting off if it gets scared on seeing a fox or some such coming out through a hedge.

Top 10 Hi-Vis Solutions Walking Your Dog
Hi Viz dog leads are a great idea for late walks

Keep Your Body Between Your Dog and Oncoming Traffic

Here in the UK, that means keeping your dog on your right – assuming you’re walking towards traffic (which is recommended); in the USA and on the Continent, your dog should be kept on your left when walking towards oncoming traffic.

Dogs are smaller than humans.; walking closer to the kerbside with your pup furthest away from the road will allow traffic to see you first.

It will also allow you to see all the traffic so that you can take appropriate action if necessary.

Should your dog be startled or frightened, keeping yourself between the road and your pup will allow you time to take firm control of the situation and avoid an accident.

Use Your Customary Walking Routes at Night

As well as dressing up for the cold and dark, caution and common sense should prevail.

When taking your dog for a walk at night you are well-advised to stick to familiar routes. New routes are for day-time walks! There’s no worse time to lose your tail-wagger than at night in unfamiliar surroundings.

Other people on your route may not be taking too much attention, so it’s important that you know where you’re going and the state of the terrain you’ll be walking on.

Keep to routes that are well-lit, walk on the pavements when possible and avoid those day-time short-cuts.

Before choosing a night-time walking route, check it out several times during the day to familiarise yourself with the new surroundings, other dog-walkers and pedestrians etc.

Protect Your Dog’s Paws | Unseen Paw Hazards

When out for the evening walk, remember that you can’t always see where you’re walking and may not see hazardous things in your path. These hazards can be unhealthy or dangerous to your pet’s paws.

This is especially important if you’re both walking through snow and ice. These can hide a multitude of dangers. Your dog can easily slip on ice and injure itself in the fall. Salt and grit can severely affect the paws of your pup. It’s wise to bathe paws in warm water when returning from the walk and pat them dry to clean away all traces of salt, grit and chemicals. Dog boots can help to prevent damage from anti-snow and ice matter, as well as prevent slipping on ice; it may be wise to introduce boots to your pooch.

Your pup’s paws are well padded but are not completely damage-proof; broken glass can be a particular problem these days. Walking through Industrial estates, while they may well be well-lit, can be scattered with screws, nails and other sharp materials; items which you’d probably see during daylight hours and easily avoid.

Staying alert, safety-conscious and paying extra attention to your pathway will help keep paws safely intact.

protect dogs feet
Protect dogs feet on walks at night

Can Dogs See in The Dark?

Dogs can certainly see better in the dark than we humans. There are a few reasons why this is so.

The pupils of a dog’s eyes are much larger than ours; their pupils therefore let in more light and enable them to see in dimmer light situations.

Rod cells (photoreceptor cells) in a dog’s retinas are more sensitive to light, allowing them to see more than we can: Read more about Rod cells – Click here 

The tapetum lucidum (a reflective lining behind the retina), reflects light and thus improves vision in poor light: Read more on the tapetum – Click here

Your dog may well see something you can’t see and may bolt away in search of it – this sudden unexpected action is a major cause of accidents – hence the advice is to keep your dog on a lead at night.

What to Consider When Buying Hi-Vis Products

This section relates to what should be considered when looking at items to purchase for your early morning or evening walks with your dog.

  • Size and breed of dog
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Washability
  • Price

Size and breed

The size and breed of your dog will be a factor when considering the solution for visibility when out walking during dark hours. The smaller your four-legged friend, the less likely it is to be seen; a brightly lit-up lead or coat would be best suited here. A larger dog is likely to suit a reflective coat. The breed can also be important; some breeds have long fur (a reflective collar would be lost in long fur), so a light attached to a collar, lead or coat would be better.


Durability is an important factor. A hi-vis coat or harness for a new puppy will be totally useless for a full-grown pug for instance. The puppy doesn’t weigh as much and will not put undue pull or pressure on its gear. Looking at the type of material used will help you decide on the durability of a product. Look for double-stitching; hard-wearing materials; reinforced seams and edgings and the like. Make sure battery packs are water-proof or water-resistant; you don’t want you four-legged baby receiving an electric shock and going ballistic with fear.

Top 10 Hi-Vis Solutions Walking Your Dog | Be Seen in the Dark! 1


Comfort is another consideration when choosing hi-vis clothing in particular. Make sure you have the right-sized garments for both you and your dog. Measure your dog correctly – the image below shows you how to measure for the best fit.

Measure from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail for the length. Around the shoulders for the width/girth.

You’ll find a comprehensive guide to measuring/sizing correctly here

Wearing an ill-fitting hi-vis vest or jacket will restrict your movements, especially in the event of an emergency such as having to pull your pooch away from danger. An ill-fitting coat or harness on your dog will make it uncomfortable and possibly cause it to be irritable and ill-mannered, making it difficult to control him/her.


Darker mornings/evening/nights normally mean cold/wet conditions; later in the winter, it can also mean snow and ice. Such conditions will obviously, mean any hi-vis items are likely to become damp and dirty. The washability of garments and night-time tackle will impact the type of product you end up buying.  You’ll want to look at products that can be either thrown into the washing machine or be easily cleaned down with a damp cloth.


Price is another consideration. There’s a saying ‘You Get What You Pay For’ – how true is that statement! It may make economic sense at the time to buy cheap, but if you end up with shoddy goods, it’s of no benefit to either you or your pooch.

Summary – Top 10 Hi-Vis Solutions Walking Your Dog

Staying safe when taking your pooch for an early morning or late evening walk should be just that – safe – and fun; certainly not stressful for either of you.

Using quality products that are ‘fit for purpose’ is the best way to ensure that you can relax and enjoy the time out with your dog.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; loaded with all necessary emergency numbers including taxi service; familiarize yourself with how to turn on the torch facility in case it’s needed as a back-up light. Place relevant apps such as a navigator in the favourites panel so that you can easily access them in a hurry or time of urgency.

Going out for a walk with your pooch in the darker hours of the day will be more rewarding and fun, knowing that you’re prepared for every conceivable event.

Top 10 Hi-Vis Solutions When Walking Your Dog at Night

The products in this article – a collection of high-quality and practical high visibility solutions – have been researched by ‘’ and the results listed are in no particular order, however, they all fall into the class of Top 10 Hi-Vis Solutions Walking Your Dog based on their Best Selling or Highly Rated factors.  Clicking on any of the images will take you to an external site where you have the opportunity to purchase or learn more about the product – Enjoy!

All products in this article can be found on amazon, any links which are clicked and subsequently purchased may provide us ( with a small commission. Any commissions earned are reinvested to enable us to produce more articles and provide educational material to visitors to our site.

01. Flectalon Hi-Vis Dog Jacket – by Petlife

  • Highly reflective
  • Thermal qualities
  • Water-resistant

This Hi-Vis jacket is ideal for walking your dog in the darker hours. It fastens with clips – not Velcro. The fluorescent yellow is highly visible from long distances, while the reflective strips are large and wide; easily reflecting light from vehicle headlights. Thermal qualities ensure your pooch is warm and comfortable. A fully water-resistant jacket, it can be washed on a 40° cycle and will keep its shape. Available in sizes from 25cm to 76cm.

Flectalon Hi-Vis Dog Jacket – See Buyer Reviews on Amazon

02. Fleece Lined Coat & Chest Protector – by Muddy Paws

  • Reflective trim
  • Thermal insulated
  • Shower-proof

This all-weather coat will keep your dog seen in both dim and dark light due to its reflective edging strips. Designed to combat wind, rain and cold; the chest plate keeps muddy splashes away. The fleece lining provides great insulation; shower-proof to keep your pup dry; suitable for use with both harnesses and standard collar and leads. Available in sizes XS to XXL and a variety of colours.

Muddy Paws Fleece Lined Coat – See Buyer Reviews on Amazon

03. Soft Front, Reflective Dog Harness – by Mokcci

  • Reflective strips
  • Two leash attachments
  • Comfortable & Lightweight

A soft-front, harness/vest includes nylon webbing with reflective material for good visibility when out exercising your dog. Other features include both a front and rear ring for use with a lead. The handle at the back allows additional control over your pup when needed and doubles up as a loop for a car seat.

MOKCCI Reflective Dog HarnessSee Buyer Reviews on Amazon

04. Dog Raincoat with Hood – by Zellar

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Reflective Strips
  • Suitable for use over a harness

This raincoat is 100% waterproof and is breathable and lightweight. Reflective strips down the back and front ensure your pooch is seen during evening exercise walks. A slot in the nape of the neck allows for use with a harness or standard collar and lead. The raincoat is fitted with a pocket for easy storage of poo bags/treats.

Zellar Dog Raincoat with Hood – See Buyer Reviews on Amazon

05. Clip-on Lights – by Hirsrian

  • Suitable for collars, leads, harnesses, coats
  • Stainless steel spring clip
  • Replacement batteries included

This pack of 5 clip-on pet lights are bright, colourful and lightweight. Secure stainless steel spring clip easily attaches to your dog’s collar, lead, harness etc; perfect for when you’re out walking in the dark. LED lights illuminate your pathway. Waterproof for use in the rain. It comes with replacement batteries.

Hirsrian Clip-on Lights – See Buyer Reviews on Amazon

06. Safety LED Dog Collar – by Blazin’ Bison

  • 350 yard visibility
  • 3 light modes
  • Rechargeable

Available in 6 colours and 6 sizes, this rechargeable and water-resistant collar will ensure your four-legged friend is seen in the dark. With an amazingly long-distance illumination, vehicles will easily see your pet when you’re out in the darker hours. USB cable included for ease of recharging the battery.

Blazin’ Bison Safety LED Dog Collar – See Buyer Reviews on Amazon

07. USB Rechargeable LED Dog Safety Collar – by Fun Pets

  • High visibility
  • USB Rechargeable Lithium-ION battery
  • Fully adjustable with quick-release buckle

With 7 colours to choose from and available in sizes from 20cm to 70cm, this safety collar ensures your dog is seen by other pedestrians as well as vehicles; it is suitable for all weather conditions. Water-repellent, rust-proof and lightweight, the collar is made from durable nylon webbing. Supplied with USB charging cable making the collar eco-friendly too.

Fun Pets USB Rechargeable LED Dog Safety Collar – See Buyer Reviews on Amazon

08. 5 FT Strong Dog Lead with Reflective Thread – by Jbyamuk

  • Heavy-duty clips
  • Double reflector threads
  • Strong, durable and lightweight

This reflective lead is perfect for walks in the darker mornings and evenings. 5 feet long, it’s made of nylon climbing rope; strong and durable it is ½ inch wide. Although lightweight it is sturdy enough against dogs that pull. The soft padded handle puts comfort in your hand. A clip is fitted for those handy accessories (poop bag attachment included).

JBYAMUK 5 ft Dog Lead | Reflective Thread – See Buyer Reviews on Amazon

09. Rope Dog Lead – Two Paddle Handles – by Sweetie

  • Dual Handled
  • Reflective stitching
  • Lifetime guarantee

A strong and durable lead with two handles for full control, especially when crossing the road. The lead has integrated reflective stitching, making you and your pup distinctly visible at night and in foggy conditions. Made of heavy-duty climbing rope, it is fully weather resistant. It includes an ‘O’ ring to attach poo bag-holder, clicker or collapsible bowl.

Sweetie Rope Dog Lead – See Buyer Reviews on Amazon

10. LED Head Torch – by Omeril

  • Lightweight
  • Padded headband
  • 60° tilting torch

For the human, we’ve chosen this head-torch by Omeril due to its many features which add to the safety and pleasure when out walking your pet. Lightweight and comfortable, this headlamp has 3 light modes using the new COB (Chip-On-Board) technology. The headlamp is adjustable so you can direct the light where it’s needed; LED light is emitted widely, almost to 180°, lighting up both sides of your pathway, not just to the front. 3 x AAA batteries are included in this low consumption torch; expect about 100,000 hours of use.

Omeril LED Head Torch – See Buyer Reviews on Amazon

Top 10 Hi-Vis Solutions Walking Your Dog | Be Seen in the Dark! 12
Hi-Vis Jackets by Lumefit

To check out human reflective vests – Click on the image >>>>>>

All products in this article can be found on amazon, any links which are clicked and subsequently purchased may provide us ( with a small commission. Any commissions earned are reinvested to enable us to produce more articles and provide educational material to visitors to our site.

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