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Top 10 Puppy Beds | Best Puppy Dog Beds

A Bed Designed for Puppies

Why do you need a bed specifically designed for puppies? You’ll be buying countless items of equipment for your new puppy, but its bed is one of the most important. We look into what makes the best puppy dog beds the best to help you in your choice.

Your new puppy’s bed should be warm and cosy, after all, that’s how its mum kept it safe and happy. A new pup may well feel lonely when first brought to its new home. Which is why it’s important to provide a warm and safe place that it can cuddle up into. Hopefully, the dog breeder will have given you your puppy’s blanket which will also act as a comfort for him/her. Its blanket will be filled with comforting smells from its mum and siblings.

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes – thankfully. However, your pup needs protection from drafts, needs to be comfy, needs to feel safe, needs to be able to get in and out of its new bed along with other reasons.

Top 10 Puppy Beds

A bed designed for puppies will have taken all of these factors into account. Some puppy beds don’t have a front ‘drop’ lip to let them get in and out of easily.

When you purchase one of the best puppy dog beds designed for puppies, you will be providing the wee bundle of fur with security, comfort and warmth. All ideal necessities to help your pup settle quickly its new home.

Can Dog Beds Calm Puppies?

Your new puppy has not only been taken from his/her family, but it’s also been taken to a strange and different place. It has no place of reference to find comfort. He or she may have met you a couple of times but all else is abnormal and mystifying to your new furry addition.

After the excitement of bringing your pup home – giving lots of cuddles and love to make him/her feel wanted – your pup will need to become accustomed to its new home.

Hopefully, you’ll have the blanket that it had when being weaned away from its mum. This in itself, will help to comfort the wee creature due to it being filled with the scents from its former home.

The pup will need a place of its own. Somewhere that makes it feel safe and comfortable. Somewhere where it can sleep peacefully as well as retreat to when it’s exhausted from playing.

A high-sided bed will reduce the risk from drafts. A padded, cushioned bed will provide comfort and allow the pup to snuggle in cosily. Warmth and comfort will help to keep your new puppy calm.

All these factors will help calm your new puppy and integrate him/her quickly with its new surroundings and family. They are also the factors we looked at when looking at the best puppy dog beds.

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How Long do Puppies Spend Asleep?

Most dogs will sleep about 12 hours every day (assuming they’re not working dogs). Puppies, on the other hand, will nap a lot during their hectic days. They spend their days using up energy exploring their surroundings, playing and learning. They get tired with all this activity, so don’t be surprised to find him/her curled up in their bed. Exploring their world is very tiring and you’ll find them napping throughout the day.

Overall, expect your new puppy to be sleeping for between 18 and 20 hours in a 24-hour period.

What Size Bed?

Make sure that the bed you’re considering buying is large enough for your new pup, even when he/she stretches out.

The puppies of a large breed such as a Bernese Mountain Dog will grow at a fast rate, possibly making its bed too small very quickly.

This Bermese pup will soon outgrow a small 'puppy' bed
This Bernese pup will soon outgrow a small ‘puppy’ bed – Fast!

Puppies grow fast! You really want to consider that your puppy’s bed will last in the region of 4-6 months. Internal measurements should be known to ensure the bed lasts a reasonable length of time.

As you can see, you need to know the size and breed of dog to ensure he/she has a bed large enough to last a good few months before having to buy another bed.

Materials to Consider

Keeping the pup off the hard floor is particularly important if its breed is apt to suffer from issues such as ‘hip dysplasia’. The materials used in the making of puppy beds should ideally be thick enough to keep a hard floor far away.

Memory foam is probably the most ideal material, especially the high-grade ones. Memory foam is also known to keep heat retained, keeping your pup warm and cosy.

High-Density Foam is also a good option, again, a high-grade type as this will keep its shape for a long time.

Synthetic ‘stuffing’ materials can bunch up, become lumpy or simply separate, so make sure that high-quality materials are used.

Another thing to consider when thinking of material is whether you can wash the puppy bed and its condition once dry. Some beds can become pretty much useless once washed in a washing machine.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying A Puppy Bed

  • Size and Breed
  • Location
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Material
  • Washability
  • Price

Size and breed

As shown above, the size and breed of your pup will dictate the size of bed required.


Your choice of location for the pup’s bed can make a difference to the comfort and security of your pup. Will it be housed outside? Maybe the kitchen/utility room will be a good place? Will the garage be the pup’s pad? Drafts in chilly places may determine the type of puppy bed you opt for.


The durability of the bed will be another major consideration. If your pup’s breed is known as an avid ‘chewer’, many soft-material beds won’t be much use. However, keeping a soft toy in the bed with the pup may help as he/she will hopefully chew the toy and not its bed!


In order to have your new puppy feel safe, secure and sleep well, comfort is an added consideration. A hard floor as a bed isn’t likely to leave your pup in a lively, agile and fun disposition for very long.


The choice of material for your puppy’s bed can be confusing. The main ingredients should be comfort and durability when considering which puppy bed to choose. Strong seams and material that doesn’t shed are other strong factors to consider.


A soft-material bed – such as faux fur – will soon become spotted with food, covered in mud and a myriad of other things that will necessitate the bed being cleaned. The washability of your pup’s bed is important. The product label should tell you how to clean the bed and will tell you whether it’s washable or not. There’s not much point in buying a puppy bed that you can’t throw into the washing machine!


As ever, price is a major consideration in the purchase of anything. Knowing that your pup’s bed isn’t going to last him/her forever, you may decide to opt for an inexpensive bed. Taking price into account when wanting to ensure that you give your pup the best experience when he/she joins you is quite a major question on which type of bed to choose. The best advice is to choose a puppy bed within your own budget that adequately caters to your puppy’s needs.

Luxury and Novelty Puppy Beds

In this article, we provide information on good-quality beds designed with puppies in mind. We don’t provide information for luxury dog beds, nor ‘novelty’ beds as these tend to be on the expensive side. All product links will take you to one of the best puppy dog beds not including luxury or novelty puppy beds.

At, we believe your puppy should start off with a bed, keeping their needs uppermost and suitable for both male and female pups and which fits into the budgets of most dog owners.

Our writers may be tempted to write articles on Luxury and Novelty beds in the future, but for now, we’ll keep to the basics and affordability.

best puppy beds 2020 review

How we chose the Top 10 Puppy Beds | Best Puppy Dog Beds

The products in this article – a collection of high-quality and practical puppy dog beds – have been researched by ‘’ and the results listed are in no particular order, however, they all fall into the class of Top 10 Puppy Beds based on their Best Selling or Highly Rated factors.  Clicking on any of the images will take you to an external site where you have the opportunity to purchase or learn more about the product – Enjoy!

All products in this article can be found on amazon, any links which are clicked and subsequently purchased may provide us ( with a small commission. Any commissions earned are reinvested to enable us to produce more articles and provide educational material to visitors to our site.

Top 10 Puppy Beds | Best Puppy Dog Beds

01. Rosewood Jumbo Cord Bed

  • Soft, plush liner for comfort
  • Stylish and modern for all locations
  • Washable at 30° C for ease of cleaning

Luxuriously padded, this puppy dog bed is designed with comfort in mind to make your puppy feel safe as well as cosy and warm. Although the bed is deeply padded, it is lightweight enough to be able to move it to another location if required. Machine washable at 30° C and dries quickly.

Rosewood Jumbo Cord Bed – View Buyer Reviews on Amazon

02. Me & My Super Soft Pet Bed

  • Extra thick padding
  • Fully machine washable
  • Non-slip base

This super-soft bed is ideal for a new puppy; soft and comfortable, to help pup settle into its new home. The removable cushion is reversible and the whole bed can be put in the washing machine. Its non-slip base makes it suitable for use on tiled or wooden flooring.

Me & My Super Soft Pet Bed – View Buyer Reviews on Amazon

03. Pet Face Small Square Bed

  • Soft and comfortable   
  • Removable inner cushion
  • Washable

Perfect for a new puppy, this small square dog bed is the ideal place for any sleepy furry baby. Softness and comfort are built in to ensure your new pup feels safe and secure in its new home and surroundings.

Pet Face Small Square Bed – View Buyer Reviews on Amazon

04. All Pet Solutions Fleece Lined Warm Dog Bed

  • Reversible inner cushion
  • High sided
  • Washable at 30°

The internal cushion of this puppy bed is removable, reversible and washable. High sided for warmth and comfort. This Alfie bed is suitable for all dog breeds is easy to clean. The luxurious inner cushion is fleecy on one side for warmth in the cooler seasons. Choice of colours and sizes available.

All Pet Solutions Fleece Lined Warm Dog Bed – View Buyer Reviews on Amazon

05. Bunty Polka Dot Soft Fur Fleece Dog Bed

  • Rubber grip base
  • Soft and snuggly
  • Removable inner cushion

Your new puppy will feel safe and secure in this thickly padded, cosy and comfy puppy bed. The rubber gripped base adds a dimension of insulation as well as safety for your pup. Made in the UK, this puppy bed is available in 3 sizes and 3 colours.

Bunty Polka Dot Soft Fur Fleece Dog Bed – View Buyer Reviews on Amazon

06. Feandrea Washable Plush Dog Bed

Top 10 Puppy Beds | Best Puppy Dog Beds 5
Plush Puppy Bed
  • Removable, washable cover 
  • Non-slip base
  • Breathable material – keeps puppy from overheating

The sleeping area of this puppy bed is covered in plush, soft and fluffy material for ultimate comfort. The cover is removable for easy cleaning – machine washable. Available in Brown or Gray to suit neutral décor.

Feandrea Washable Plush Dog Bed – View Buyer Reviews on Amazon

07. Lamzoom Warm Soft Plush Comfortable Pet Bed

  • Non-slip base   
  • Washable
  • Soft and Cosy

This thick-sided, non-slip puppy bed will give your new puppy a warm and comfortable night’s sleep. Donut shaped for all-round protection from drafts, adding to the feeling of security. Available in White, Gray and Dark Gray.

Lamzoom Warm Soft Plush Comfortable Pet Bed – View Buyer Reviews on Amazon

08. Scruffs Highland Dog Bed

  • Rich chenille fabric     
  • Non-slip base
  • Washable

This box-bed is superbly soft and comfortable due to the ample padding. Ideal for your puppy for safety and security – high sided to keep drafts at bay. It is easy to keep clean being machine washable. Available in four sizes and two colours.

Scruffs Highland Dog Bed – View Buyer Reviews on Amazon

09. Dream Paws Comfortable Box Bed

Best Puppy Dog Beds
Comfortable Puppy Box Bed
  • Deeply stuffed walls  
  • Washable at 30°
  • Non-slip base

This fully washable box bed has a plush inner cushion and deeply stuffed walls for both comfort and security. Available in 3 neutral colours and with a non-slip base, it is suitable for any room in your home. The strong and durable material is easily washable and dries quickly. Contrast piping adds a contemporary look. Available in two sizes, this luxury puppy bed is sure to help your furry babe enjoy a comfortable place to sleep and relax.

Dream Paws Comfortable Box Bed – View Buyer Reviews on Amazon

10. On Paws ‘Sleep Tight Nest’ Dog Bed

Top 10 Puppy Beds | Best Puppy Dog Beds 8
Teflon Coated Puppy Bed
  • Soft fleece lining    
  • Removable inner cushion
  • Teflon coated – Repels water/oil/stains

This nest-style puppy bed is high-sided to protect your puppy from cold drafts; its soft fleece lining, for comfort and snugness, has a removable cover for ease of cleaning. The anti-slip base allows for use on tiled and wooden floors. Available in five sizes and three colours.

On Paws ‘Sleep Tight Nest’ Dog Bed – View Buyer Reviews on Amazon

All products in this article can be found on amazon, any links which are clicked and subsequently purchased may provide us ( with a small commission. Any commissions earned are reinvested to enable us to produce more articles and provide educational material to visitors to our site.

Our Choice of the Best Puppy Beds

Our favourite puppy dog bed has to be the Jumbo Cord Bed by Rosewood. The extremely high-quality of the materials makes this an incredibly soft, cosy, and snuggly experience for any puppy. The high sides keep the furry baby warm and secure. All-in-all, a beautiful, deep, soft bed that is machine washable and is great value for the price.

Conclusion: Best Puppy Dog Bed 2020 Review

Welcoming any new puppy into your family is a time of fun and excitement. Choosing the best bed to keep your new furry babe feeling safe, secure and comfortable is also a fun experience. We hope you find this article useful and that you are now more knowledgeable about what to look for when purchasing your puppy’s first sleeping quarters.

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