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How to Easily Exercise Your Dog When You Go Out, Besides Going for a Walk 1

How to Easily Exercise Your Dog When You Go Out, Besides Going for a Walk

Most dogs need a lot of exercise for both their physical health and their mental wellbeing. Without plenty of play time, dogs of all ages can become destructive or overactive. They may chew on furniture, dig in the yard, or bark at every opportunity. The most common solution is to take your dog for a […]

dog smelling poo

What Is Coprophagia in Dogs? | Can It Be Cured?

Dogs can have some very strange/bad/gross habits that are often quite natural but also quite repulsive from a human’s perspective. Sniffing other dogs’ hindquarters, licking their own private parts, and licking out of a toilet bowl are just a few of the commonly known “gross” habits that a dog can have. Something that you may […]

Best Tennis Ball Launchers for Dogs

Best Tennis Ball Launchers for Dogs – Play Fetch the EASY way

Dogs are like small children; they both have inexplicably endless sources of energy. Grown-up humans are exhausted by the end of the day, and can barely reach for the remote, whereas your little pup is jumping around all over the place. We get even more tired (and more than a bit jealous) just looking at […]

dog swimming

Do All Dogs Know How To Swim?

Due to the term ‘doggie paddle’, most people are of the belief that all dogs are natural swimmers, regardless of breed. This can be a very dangerous assumption to make that could see people put their dogs in danger if not informed properly. A dog has many natural instincts and an ability to keep themselves […]

Best Dog Camera (UK)

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out

In this definitive guide to the best dog camera (UK), you will discover everything you need to know about choosing and buying a dog camera. Each section is laid out to give you the best up-to-date information; you can use the table of contents to jump to the section that is of most interest to […]

naughty dog

How to Recognise and Calm Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Do you know how to recognise and calm separation anxiety in dogs? In this article we delve into the causes of separation anxiety, also known as separation related behaviour, and suggest how to cope with it and eradicate it in your dog. Dogs are companions, they build an incredibly strong bond with their owners from […]

dog with a gps tracker

What is the Best GPS System for Tracking Your Dog? | 5 GPS Dog Trackers

With some technological advances for dogs, even the most devoted owner would be forgiven for asking, ‘Do we really need that?’ But with GPS dog trackers everyone can see the sense. If you are living without a dog tracker, get on it. Once you have one, you will wonder why you did without it for […]