Canine First Aid Kits

It’s safe to say, that most dog owners cringe at the mere thought of their beloved pet Dog being injured; let alone finding themselves in a position where their Dog needs some form of Canine First Aid.

     So, we really ought to be aware of what is available.

Here in this article is a selection of Canine First Aid Kits and I hope you find this article beneficial in assisting you, when it comes to purchasing a First Aid Kit for your Dog.


This article is in no way intended to be used instead of seeking appropriate veterinary advice.  This article may be viewed as a guide to a selection of what Canine First Aid Kits are available for Dog owners to purchase.

First Aid Kits For Dog Owners

Whether you are new to owning a Dog, (or multiple Dogs’) or a seasoned professional, no doubt you will be aware, that Dogs do get into mischief and indeed the occasional scrape.

Therefore it does come in handy to have a Canine First Aid Kit to hand.  (or in the car, caravan etc)

At this time of year, now that the weather has finally started to warm up, the awful Ticks are definitely out and about.

 IF you know how to remove a Tick from your dog, and you can get the whole Tick out, then many Canine First Aid Kits do have a Tick remover tool or Tweezers in them, and you can use these.

Who could show me how to remove Ticks from my Dog?

However, if you are NOT sure how to do it, then it is worth having a trip to see a vet nurse or a Dog Groomer. Ask them, if they wouldn’t mind showing you how to do it correctly so you can get the whole Tick out in one go.

   You can check the content of most Canine First Aid Kits prior to purchasing, to see if they include a Tick remover.  If they don’t have one, you may be able to purchase them at your local vet clinic or groomers.    

A Selection of Canine First Aid Kits

Here is the Canine First Aid Kit that we looked at on our Tip of the week. Priced under £25

Warwick Comprehensive Pet First Aid kit includes Blood Stop Swabs. 

    I have this one, and I can honestly say I have no hesitation in recommending it.  A great feature included in this Canine First Aid Kit, are the leaflets.  These are concise and easy to follow.

With this First Aid Kit from Warwick Comprehensive, you also get a packet of Blood Stop Swabs.

  I have to say, these are really good to have in the First Aid Kits For Dogs.   We had not used them prior to one of our Dogs damaging a nail, and these certainly helped to stop the bleeding. 

(After a call to a vet nurse first for advice, we explained that we had these swabs in our Canine First Aid Kit. We were told it was OK to use them…)  Now I always suggest having these in First Aid Kits.

This Kit also includes a Tick remover tool. All Dog owners I feel, need at least one!

 The First Aid Kit comes complete with a handy storage case, which is an ideal size and not too bulky.  It has a belt loop on the reverse, which is great if you are out walking and don’t want to take a backpack …  as you can easily thread your belt or a (Training/Treat Pouch) through the loops on the Canine First Aid Kit, and have it around your waist! 

Warwick Comprehensive also have the Canine First Aid Kit below, similar to the previous one I mentioned but doesn’t include the Blood Stop Swabs. 

This First Aid Kit is priced under £20

The next Canine First Aid Kit we look at is this one from Rosewood, simply named – Rosewood Options Travel Accessory First Aid Kit

Priced under £20

This Pet First Aid Kit has similar contents to the previous ones listed; it doesn’t include a Tick remover however it does have similar tweezers. The box with this Canine First Aid Kit is more solid and maybe more suited to being the go to kit at home rather than one that you would take out on a walk, as it isn’t flexible or fabric.  One note I would like to add, the product details do not state if this Canine first Aid Kit includes any leaflets on emergency first aid for your Dog, however the image on the reverse of the product box states what is included and possible uses.

Currently a #1 best seller online at the moment for Canine First Aid Kits is this one. Pawly Pet First Aid KitIncludes Over 40 Premium Items – Tick Remover, Syringe, Vet Wrap, Bandages, Wipes and Lancets

Priced under £23

Pawly Pet First Aid Kit
Pawly Pet First Aid Kit – over 40 items

Now this does look impressive if I do say so myself!  This Canine First Aid Kit has got lots of contents, and it may not have the Blood Stop Swabs, however it does have a Styptic stick which does the same task.  The case which comes with it also looks user friendly and not too bulky.  Definitely worth checking this one out.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about a selection of Canine First Aid Kits available to purchase for our four legged friends.

First Aid is always something we seem to think about after something happens, instead of it being a fore thought.

Is First Aid Training something you are interested in knowing more about?  Would you like to learn what to do if Fido hurts his paw or gets stung?

There are numerous venues across the UK that run Canine First Aid Training sessions (or even full courses if that is more what you would like to do).

If you contact a Dog Trainer in your area, he/she will be better able to direct you. Many Dog Training clubs and organisations host one day workshops and events that cover basic Canine First Aid, and these are really informative.

Some actually allow you to take your dog along, so you can practice what you are learning, and some hosts take their own dog, whom doesn’t mind folk applying bandages etc to it! 

         And last but by no means least; enjoy the outdoors with your Dog.  The lighter, brighter mornings and evenings are upon us, there is no time like the present.  The benefits are great for us as well as Fido and that is priceless….

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