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Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs | 4 Activity Monitors Reviewed

Have you ever asked yourself ‘Does my dog need a fitness tracker?’ We decided to look at the best fitness trackers for dogs to find out what they do to help when your dog is exercising.

Having a dog is likely to make you a fitter and healthier person. There are statistics and stuff that says so. And if you want your dog to get exercise but do a bit less of it yourself, there is some nifty technology that can help you.

Digital fitness trackers for dogs are pretty cool and incredibly clever. There might be many reasons why you would want one, the least of which is so you don’t have to do any actual exercise yourself. Most owners will very happily exercise with their pets, so a fitness tracker for dogs is not a substitute but rather an excellent enhancement.

fitness trackers for dogs

Why Would You Need a Dog Fitness Tracker?

For dogs that need to lose weight and trim up, or those that are recovering from illness or surgery, a fitness tracker can be a wonderful tool to let you know how they are doing. They can help you monitor their progress and ensure that they are improving at the level that you would like.

They can also track things like breathing, seizures, time to give birth, and pain levels through monitoring vital signs.

If you have a dog that you have rescued that is regrouping after some trauma, a fitness tracker is very helpful to raise their health and fitness levels gently. Some dogs have health conditions which means it would be dangerous to get their vital signs get beyond a certain level, such as heart rate or body temperature.

Some dogs work in conditions that can put them to the test, and this is an awesome way to not only track where they are, but to see that they are okay. Emergency and military services dogs for example benefit greatly from this kind of tracking, as well as farming dogs that work in more extreme environments.

Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs | 4 Activity Monitors Reviewed 1

What Can a Dog Fitness Tracker Tell You?

Because of the extremely broad range of options and features of fitness trackers, and new models constantly being added to the list, it can be hard to compare them. The differences make them quite contrasting, but incredibly good.

They usually attach to your dog’s collar, and should at their very basic be waterproof, have decent battery life, track some level of fitness and send that information to your smart device or another recording system.

The best dog activity monitor for you will depend on what you need to know about your puppy’s fitness.

Some of the things that you can monitor include:

  • Tracking your dog’s exercise levels in terms of distance, speed, time, calories lost and more
  • Identifying when your dog is walking, running, playing and sleeping
  • Track vital signs such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature
  • You can set fitness goals for your dog and see if he is reaching them

Additional bells and whistles features which go beyond the standard models can also include:

  • GPS tracking of your dog in case he gets lost or stolen
  • Alerts for things like medication times, time to exercise, go to the toilet or feeding time
  • Message system and to-do lists that can be swapped with other carers and dog walkers
  • Bluetooth capabilities to see who is with your dog

The products in this article – a collection of high-quality and practical fitness trackers for dogs – have been researched by ‘’ and the results listed are in no particular order, however, they all fall into the class of Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs based on their Best Selling or Highly Rated factors.  Clicking on any of the images will take you to an external site where you have the opportunity to purchase or learn more about the product – Enjoy!

Comparing the Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs

PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor

Available on Amazon here!

At the lower end of the price scale for fitness trackers for dogs, this is still an excellent product which has also evolved and added features with time. This device is more for people who are just looking for a basic model.

Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs | 4 Activity Monitors Reviewed 2
  • Tracks dog exercise levels, rest and calories lost
  • Allows you to set breed-specific targets
  • Waterproof
  • Fits any collar
  • One-year battery, no recharging needed.
  • Syncs with smartphone app

The PitPat monitor is a good-looking, strong and sturdy, and waterproof product. It tracks distance, activity intensity levels, sleep and calories lost, as well as setting and monitoring specific fitness goals. It does not track health information, so is not as useful for this purpose.


  • A handy feature of this device is the breed specific recommendations that allow you to set goals appropriate for your dog. Syncs with a smartphone app for Apple and Android phones that is easy to use
  • The device works for any dog. It is a good reliable basic product and does what it says it will
  • Inexpensive battery replacement – CR2032


  • The battery cannot be recharged so will need to be replaced annually
  • The tracker is less compact and light than more expensive models, but will still be fine for most dogs
  • It doesn’t track health signs, so if you need a device that does this, you should be upgrading to a more complex model. But this is a great product for basic fitness tracking

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Tractive GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

Available on Amazon here!

This GPS tracker by Tractive allows you to keep an eye on your dog’s whereabouts by showing its exact location via the free GPS app. The Live Tracking mode updates every 2-3 seconds, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly where your pet is 24/7. The tracker also gives you historical information, showing you the places where your pooch has recently been.

Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs | 4 Activity Monitors Reviewed 3
  • Tracks your dog in real-time with unlimited range
  • View the daily activity of your dog
  • Instant notifications via app or browser
  • Lightweight at less than 30g (1.1oz)
  • 100% waterproof & easy to attach to your dog’s collar
  • Rechargeable Battery

In addition to tracking location, the tracker also includes activity monitoring. This allows you to see your pet’s movements throughout the day so you can monitor their fitness and health.  The daily activity of your dog is recorded, providing you with useful information; you can even set activity goals.

If you travel abroad and need to keep any eye on where your dog is and what it’s up to, you’ll be pleased to know that this tracker works in over 150 countries with the premium subscription plan. With its cutting-edge technology, Tractive GPS trackers locate accurately and reliably, notifying you whether you’re at home or the other side of the world.


  • Real time tracking with unlimited range
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 2 to 5 days
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Live Tracking, Activity Monitoring, Virtual Fence
  • Small, Lightweight & Waterproof


  • Requires Monthly Subscription
  • Unsuitable for dogs under 9lbs
  • Not Wi-Fi capable

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Pawfit 2 Dog GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

Available on Amazon here!

The new Pawfit 2 GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor gives you the fastest and most accurate location of your pet. Combining digital activity monitoring, live location tracking and security features, this GPS Tracker is the smartest and easiest way to care for your dog.

Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs | 4 Activity Monitors Reviewed 4
  • Embedded SIM utilises GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular technology
  • Customised activity goals
  • Monitors steps, distance, calories burned, active and rest hours
  • Waterproof (up to 3 metres) & Dustproof
  • Hardened ABS shell makes it anti-drop and anti-bite
  • Virtual Fence
  • Rechargeable Battery

With the Activity Monitor you can monitor your pooch’s activity in steps, distance, calories burned as well as active and rest hours. You can set customised activity goals and use the recommended goals based on your dog’s breed and weight.

The Pawfit 2 uses the latest text-to-speech technology, so anyone pressing the power button will hear your pet’s ID. Additional protection features – you will receive alerts should the temperature around your dog become abnormal, the tracker is removed from your pet’s collar, your pet leaves the customised safety zones that you set.

This device is waterproof to 3 metres – those fun swim times at the beach or river will not damage it! It is also dustproof, anti-drop and anti-bite. Any collar or harness up to 32mm wide is suitable to attach the gear to. The battery life is usually in the region of 6 days for regular use, but as with all batteries for GPS trackers, this depends on its use and signal strength; it will charge fully in 2.5 hours.

The Pawfit App can be used to see your dog’s location and activities; receive alerts, manage up to 4 pets, set up to 10 safety zones – all on your phone.

The Pawfit Watch App combines live location and steps of your pet, the light and alarm function, and the ability to turn on and off the live tracking to save battery, as well as the newest addition to the Pawfit App, the voice control option, all on your wrist.


  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Audible commands using your own voice
  • Easy to follow instructions make the set-up and subscription so straightforward
  • Activity monitor is really useful for older dogs to monitor how far they walk
  • Neat and compact tracker with charging cradle, micro USB cable and collar clip
  • Useful features that tell you their movements ie how many steps, distance, calories and great that it is waterproof


  • Not everyone was happy with the battery life, however, it does depend on usage and GPS signal strength
  • One purchaser said that it doesn’t update quite as live as you expect and can take a couple of minutes

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Kippy EVO GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

Available on Amazon here!

The Kippy Evo is the latest in GPS trackers and Activity Monitors for pets.  This 100% waterproof tracker is suitable for all collars, lightweight (only 38 grams) and has a long-lasting (10 days) rechargeable battery.

Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs | 4 Activity Monitors Reviewed 5
  • 100% waterproof
  • Lightweight at only 38 grams
  • Integrated SIM card for accurate tracking
  • Virtual Fence
  • Activity Monitor
  • Receive vital message alerts
  • Rechargeable Battery

Using GPS, GMS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth systems, the Kippy EVO tracker allows you to accurately track every movement of your pet.

With the Virtual Fence facility, you can set up ‘safe zones’ and be alerted should your pet leave your customised areas.

The activity monitor enables you to view and analyse all movements and monitor your pet’s progress. Data is recorded for running, sleeping, play, calories burned, relaxation, and steps, so you can analyse each activity. You can compare your pet’s activity with other dogs of its breed, weight, and age. Track your furry friend’s weekly and monthly progress to help keep it fit and healthy.

Receive messages on your smartphone regarding the health status of your dog, even when you’re not together.

Available in three colours, this device is 100% waterproof for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 metres. A built-in torch can be activated at night, so that your pooch is visible in the dark.


  • The app is super easy and has tutorials and a full instruction guide
  • It gives me her exact location through the friendly app and an account of her daily activity
  • It’s nice and light for my small dog, he doesn’t even notice it on his collar
  • Great peace of mind in case my dog ever got stolen!


  • It took me a while to get used to the app
  • Requires monthly subscription
  • Only works in Europe, Iceland, Turkey, India & South Africa

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Summary: Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs

As you can see from the 4 products we reviewed, each of them has different qualities that makes them unique, only one is not a GPS tracker, all are activity monitors to help you keep an eye on the activity levels of your dog. Activity trackers should allow you detailed analyses of the type of activities that your pooch does and also allow you to set targets for goals that will help you to improve your dog’s weight and toning.

We do have a favourite of the 4, and that is the Tractive GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor. We have a couple of reasons for choosing this product, but the major factor is that it is available in over 150 countries and its relatively low-cost subscription. Full details of their product and price plans can be found on their website.

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