Best Dog Camera (UK)

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out

In this definitive guide to the best dog camera (UK), you will discover everything you need to know about choosing and buying a dog camera. Each section is laid out to give you the best up-to-date information; you can use the table of contents to jump to the section that is of most interest to you.

No matter how attached you are to your furry friend, there are bound to be times when you have to leave them at home on their own, even if it’s only to pop to the shops, go for a session at the gym, or go for lunch with a friend. Many of us are out at work during the day, not to mention those who have to work the nightshift.

As a pet parent, you’ll know it’s one the hardest thing to do – leaving your pooch at home alone. Your priority is to ensure that your dog is safe and not getting up to mischief while you can’t be with them.

Leaving your pet at home alone can be just as difficult for the furry creature as it is for you and a surveillance camera, to help you keep an eye on things, might be just what you need for peace of mind. Advances in technology allow you to communicate verbally and visually with your pet allowing you to soothe and comfort your stressed pup.

Whatever the reason that your pet is left alone, a dog camera / dog monitor is a useful tool for any pet parent. Do you know what your pooch gets up to whilst you’re away? Does your four-legged friend wreck the place? Does it suffer with separation anxiety? With a pet camera, you will soon see what is going on at home while you’re not there.

If you’re out on that lunch date, your smartphone will show you exactly what’s going on in your absence. Even if you’re having to attend a business meeting where using your mobile is just a no-no, someone else in your family can keep an eye on things using their smartphone: Most modern pet cameras allow for all family members to zoom in on the camera using their own smartphone at the push of a button.

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out 11

We’re not all fortunate to have reliable neighbours to check in on our pets whilst we’re out of the home for any length of time, nor anyone to pop in at feeding time. Setting up a smart pet feeder is a great idea but how do you know if it’s functioning? Your pet camera! You’ll be able to see if your pooch is eating correctly at the right time and the right quantity. The best pet cameras allow you to see your pet in real time, whether that’s via your smartphone, tablet, or computer; assuring you that all is well at home, wherever you happen to be.

There are so many pet cameras on the market now (and the list is growing), how do you choose which one will suit your needs and pocket; which is the best option? We cover everything from the basic security camera to those packed with every feature you can imagine.

This guide will walk you through every aspect of which dog camera makes it the best on the market, saving you time and money.

Don’t have the time to read the whole guide? No worries. Here is our favourite dog camera: Victure 1080P FHD Wi-Fi IP Camera

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Best Security Cameras for Your Dog (UK)

1. KAMTRON – Security Camera 1080P Pet Camera

Available on Amazon here!

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out 12
  • 360° HD 1080P panoramic view
  • Night Vision – See what’s happening around the clock
  • Smart Motion Detection Alerts
  • 2 Way Audio Communication
  • SD card, up to 128GB
  • Easy set-up

This pet camera is packed with features to keep you abreast of the antics of your pooch. With its 360° motion panning, there is nowhere to hide! Panning is controllable remotely from your smartphone including up and down as well as side to side and zoom.

In addition to full 360° panning, this dog camera features two-way audio communication, allowing you to speak to your furry bundle, whether to praise or comfort.

The Night Vision capability of the KAMRON pet camera features super Infra-Red LED up to 20ft, allowing you to catch every moment even in pitch black conditions. No disturbing your pet with light pollution.

Smart Motion Detection Alerts sends you live feed as soon as activity is detected. Capture activities right from the start.

High encryption standards ensure the videos you share over the system are always handled while keeping in mind a high level of security.


Superb night vision allowing you to monitor you pet when you’re away overnight, such as working nightshifts

Using the app, you can pan, tilt, zoom, and capture the action from all different vantage points – all controllable from your smart phone

The two-way audio allows you to communicate with your pooch


The set up took a little longer than expected, but once it was up and running, everything worked like a dream

Does not support 5GHz WI-FI

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2. VICTURE – 1080P FHD Wi-Fi IP Camera

Available on Amazon here!

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out 13
  • 355° HD 1080P panoramic view
  • Night Vision – Infra Red LED
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom
  • Motion Detection Alerts
  • 2 Way Audio
  • SD card, up to 128GB
  • Easy set-up

This pet camera with its ۠120° wide-angle lens is controllable from your smartphone, allowing you to see every angle of the room – with no blind spots.

The night vision function allows you to see everything in the darkest situations up to 30ft due to the 12 infra-red LEDs.

The two-way audio communication function has a built-in microphone with anti-noise technology, giving you clear audio communication.

Smart alarm motion detection alerts are sent directly to your smartphone. Detection sensitivity is adjustable from low to high.

The Victure dog camera can be connected to multiple smartphones; equally, several cameras can be added to your app to monitor different areas.


Great video and audio quality. Superb value for money

Easy to setup, super clear image, great phone app control

You can pair the IP camera to WLAN or WI-FI (2.4GHz)

Panoramic coverage with no blind zones 12 built-in IR LED beads extend the viewing distance up to 30 feet


No SD Card – need to purchase it separately

Can be a bit noisy when using the PTZ function

You can download the manual here

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3. NEOS SmartCam

Available on Amazon here!

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out 14
  • Motion & noise detection with alerts
  • Night Vision – up to 9 metres
  • Mount anywhere
  • Works with Alexa / Echo Dot / Fire Stick
  • 2-Way audio
  • Free cloud storage
  • No smart home hub required

Although not strictly a ‘pet’ camera, this smartcam from Neos, nevertheless, is a general home security camera and as such is more than suitable for monitoring your dog’s activities when you’re away from home.

With its relatively low price the Neos smartcam has an HD sensor of 1080p with its 110° lens. The device includes night vision (up to 9 metres) and two-way audio communication facilities.

The Cloud facility allows recording of video footage which are stored online for up to 14 days (downloadable to your phone), giving you two weeks to view what’s been going on in your absence during that time; alternatively, you can watch live video from your smartphone.

Motion and noise detection alerts send a 12-second video to your phone immediately. The HD livestream includes a digital zoom so you can see what’s causing any disturbance.

This pet camera can be mounted anywhere within your home, thanks to its magnetic base and adhesive pads. A wall mount is available at an additional cost; this gives you the capability to use the camera outside as it is weatherproof. This adjustable wall mount bracket can reach to 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt.

A small and sleek security camera, the Neos is compatible with ‘Alexa’. The audio maybe a little ‘tinny’ in sound, however, it is still clear and audible. The video has good image quality.

This device has the facility to arm and disarm automatically (meaning it will automatically activate the camera as soon as you leave home and switch it off when you return). However, a word of warning, this facility does use up battery power very quickly; just turn this function off if you don’t require it.


Night vision is viewable up to 9 metres (approx. 29.5 feet), suitable for most family homes

Great video image quality. Superb value for money

Video instructions for set-up

There is a microSD card slot in the base, which turns on permanent recording on the camera to supplement the free cloud storage

Motion and audio detectors are adjustable so you can set it to the right sensitivity


Limited Cloud storage

SD card footage can’t be viewed through the app

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4. WANSVIEW Wi-Fi IP Pet Camera Monitor

Available on Amazon here!

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out 15
  • 1080P Full HD Wi-Fi IP Camera
  • Two-way audio
  • Audio & motion detection alerts
  • Night Vision – Infra Red LED – up to 5 metres
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom
  • Superb live video – day & night
  • Supports SD card, up to 128GB
  • Easy set-up

This large wide-angled lensed pet camera monitor from Wansview, has full pan tilt and zoom functions. The camera can be controlled remotely from your smartphone, allowing you to view every angle and corner of your dog’s room in real-time. Rapid positioning is made possible with the pre-set favourite function (up to 4 positions).

With the built-in microphone and speaker, you are able to see, talk and listen your pooch; or even scare off an intruder! The infrared LEDs are invisible, neither your pet nor any intruder, will know that the camera is functioning in the dark, giving you 24-hour home protection and peace of mind.

This wi-fi camera has an SD slot and supports SD Card storage up to 128GB: Please note that videos stored on the SD Card are not accessible via your smartphone, however, they can be replayed in a LAN network.

The pet camera monitor can be used instantly by connecting it to a 2.4Ggz wi-fi system; you can then view and talk via the Wansview Cloud app – anywhere and anytime.

In addition to the audio and motion functions, you will be alerted immediately should anything unusual be occurring in your absence. Simply tap the notification and you will be able to see the alarm video sent to you.

Another useful function of the Wansview pet camera is that up to four users can view the camera at the same time. However, it is the first account (normally the owner) that is classed as the ‘primary’ account and it is only this person that can control the camera. The other three users can, however, check the live-streams.


This is a good value camera and perfect for indoor use

A solid unit and comes with a wall mounting bracket

Easy to install, simply connect the camera to your Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)

Motion and audio detectors are adjustable so you can set it to the right sensitivity

Pan / Tilt / Zoom allows full coverage of a room no blind spots

Built-in IR LED extend the viewing distance up to 5 metres in the Night Vision mode


No SD Card – need to purchase it separately

Not the best Customer Service

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5. CLEVER DOG Wi-Fi Camera

Available on Amazon here!

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out 16
  • 720P Full HD Wi-Fi IP Camera
  • Full Duplex Speech
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Night Vision – Infra Red LED – up to 4.5 metres
  • Pan & Tilt
  • Real-time video
  • Supports SD card, up to 32GB

This clever little pet cam allows you to watch your pooch on your smartphone; you can talk, watch, and listen to them any time you want, from wherever you are.

Connect this pet camera to your 2.4GHz wi-fi and you can access the camera via your iPhone, Android, tablet, or iPad via the app.

Several cameras can be controlled from the one smartphone.

The wide-angled lens captures the entire room and gives excellent picture quality. Linking several of the cameras throughout your home gives you a home security system at an affordable price.

The Micro SD Card (not supplied) will allow continuous video recording for up to 7 days as the camera supports SD Cards up to 32GB.

Motion detection means that when unusual motion is detected in your home, you will be sent notifications to your smartphone.

With the two-way audio communication function, you can talk to your four-legged friend or engage in conversation with other family members.


This is a good value pet monitoring camera which allows you to view your dog in real-time

Videos can be stored on the SD Card (not included) a 32GB allows you up to 7 days storage

The motion detector can set off an alarm such as a buzzer or siren. You will be sent a notification to your smartphone when unusual motion is detected

Easy to install, simply connect the camera to your Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)

Built-in IR LED extend the viewing distance up to 4.5 metres in Night Vision mode


Wi-Fi can be fiddly to connect

No Zoom function

Read Customer Reviews on Amazon!

What Is a Dog Camera?

A dog camera is not dissimilar to a standard IP camera used for home security monitoring. These hi-tech devices have specific features designed with your pet in mind. They allow you to keep an eye on your pet remotely with the use of your smartphone and even enable you to talk to your dog over the two-way audio system.

Whilst in theory, you could use a standard CCTV camera to check in on your pet, a dog camera will generally have a two-way microphone, come with an app for your smartphone and have night vision to be able to see your pooch in low level light. Image quality can vary depending on the resolution capability of the chosen camera.

Real-time viewing of your pooch adds to peace of mind that your pet is ok when you’re not there and can even provide amusement as you watch your pup play in your absence. The two-way audio facility can alert you to your pooch barking too much or help soothe a pet that’s suffering with separation anxiety.

Dog cameras have also been integrated into some treat dispensing devices; as the name implies, these devices dispense treats to your dog; you can watch the fun on the pet cam included in the treat dispenser. This is a different type of pet camera which we will talk about in another article, however, you may like to read our article on ‘smart pet feeders’.

Why Have a Pet Camera?

Whilst individual pet parents will each have their own reasons for having a pet camera system, these devices are fundamentally designed to give you visual and verbal interaction with your dog, whilst you are not at home.

Even if you work long hours and use the services of a reliable and competent pet-sitter, you may still wish to see what your pooch is up to and reassure yourself that all is well.

A pet camera will have its use in cases where your neighbour/s complain about your dog continuously barking in your absence; some dog cameras will send you an alert when the ‘bark detection’ is activated. This allows you to access the two-way intercom and talk to your upset pet and calm it down remotely.

A pet camera can also be fun, watching the antics of your furry friend with the run of its own play area.

They are also great tools to see how well your pooch is coping when left alone. Many dog parents wonder if their dog barks, whines, or cries once they have left the house.  A vocal dog is the last thing your neighbours want to hear every time you leave the house. Receiving an alert on your smartphone will soon tell you what’s going on and enable you to contact your pooch to calm him/her with reassuring tones.

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out 17

Do I need a Dog Camera?

Do you need a dog camera? Well, let’s be honest, no, you don’t need a pet camera at all. These devices are merely tools to keep a pet owner abreast of what their dog is up whilst on their own. They are, however, invaluable when training a dog to be left alone.

Dog cameras can also add an additional layer of security to your home; they don’t just keep an eye on your pooch and other pets, they can also detect intruders and alert you via your smartphone.

Whilst we can recommend the use of dog cameras for peace of mind and interaction with your pet whilst you’re away from them, they are no substitute for physical touch and socialising; please don’t leave your pet alone for longer than absolutely necessary.

Reasons Why You May Need a Dog Camera

With the vast array of dog supplies that you need for your dog’s day to day living; from dog food to beds, leads, collars, harnesses, all of which can be classed as ‘essentials’, a dog camera is not exactly a requirement of being a dog parent.

We’ve done just fine with our pets over the last centuries without the need of cameras, right? Well yes, we have. However, over the last few years, technological advancements have made our lives easier and more comfortable.

The same can be said for the pet industry. Technology is everywhere you look these days. We now have dog activity monitors to help us keep our pooches in tip-top condition; ball throwers to make sure our dogs get the exercise they need; smart pet feeders to make sure our furry friends are fed and watered in our absence. Even dog collar cameras add fun to being a dog owner, giving us our dog’s view of the world around it, when out romping in woodlands and similar places. The list is endless.

We’ll go through the various features of dog video cameras below to give you a full breakdown of why you may need a dog camera.

What Does a Dog Camera Reveal?

Let’s say you’ve been out at work all day and return home, only to be greeted by chewed furniture and doorways or unwanted toilet deposits? What happened in your absence? These are classic signs of separation anxiety in your dog and will alert you to the distress your dog feels whilst you’re away.

A dog camera will reveal other symptoms that you won’t be aware of; you can’t hear your dog crying/whining/barking in your absence, nor you can see it constantly pacing. Watching your pooch’s behaviour on camera can reveal this distressing disorder that many pets suffer with in the absence of family members.

Knowing what is going on when you’re away from home, will give you an indication of what needs to done to keep your home destruction-free and your pet calm and happy.

Another revelation could be how well – or not – all your pets interact with each other when they are left alone together.

If you have more than one dog, they may well behave perfectly together when everyone is at home and are receiving love and attention and involved in play interaction. But what happens when they’re on their own, without a human in sight?

Remote observation is the ideal way to see what’s occurring in your home, whether it’s to check for signs of anxiety, sibling rivalry, pet-sitter interaction, or even the overall security of your home.

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out 18

What are the Benefits of Owning a Pet Camera?

Health monitoring of your pet is one of your main responsibilities as a pet parent. However, some health issues can go unnoticed for some time, maybe not at all, until it’s too late.

With a pet camera, you’ll be able to monitor your pet’s behaviour. These cameras can reveal patterns you may not otherwise notice. They will help you know if your pooch has become lethargic, off its food, unusually sleepy, and other indicators that are tell-tale signs that all is not quite right. When you review the video footage, your pup’s behaviour will become apparent and you’ll be able to take the necessary action. If you’re concerned but don’t know what to do about it, the video recording will help your vet make a correct diagnosis.

Whilst on the topic of your pet’s health, a dog camera can also be used to monitor a poorly pooch after surgery, accident, or illness.

As mentioned earlier, a pet camera will also alert you to any distress your dog is showing such as signs of separation anxiety or sibling rivalry.

Your dog may simply miss you; with a camera, especially one that has two-way audio and video streaming; you can interact with your pooch to calm and comfort it, lifting its spirits. Your image on the monitor will provide the comfort it may need to assure your pet that you’re still there if only by moving images.

Use your pet camera and smartphone to keep your dog happy and break up its time alone as well as reassuring yourself that all is well with both your pet and your home.

These pet cameras have the added benefit to double-up as a security system for your home and alert you to any intruders.

How to Choose the Best Dog Camera

In order to choose the best dog camera, you need to consider what features you want as well as the needs of your dog.

Do you want:

  • to be able to talk to your dog whilst you’re out?
  • to see the whole room that your dog is in?
  • to be able to record video footage?
  • to be able to see your pooch when lighting levels are low or non-existent?
  • to be notified that unusual sounds are occurring in your home or that your dog is barking?
  • to be notified when the camera detects movement?
  • to be able to play with your pet using the camera?
  • your pet to see you too – in full-colour?

Where will you place the camera?

All these are factors you need to think about before purchasing a pet camera. Most of these devices have features similar to smart cameras; you don’t need to pay extra for a specialised dog camera unless you’re looking for the ‘bells & whistles’.

Let’s look at the features that you will want to look for.

Features of a Dog Camera

Remote Viewing:

An obvious feature? No, not in all pet cameras. Remote viewing works in conjunction with an app that you load onto your smartphone. Download the app via the internet and this facility allows you to view your dog in real-time on your phone from wherever you are in the world.

Some dog cameras use a dedicated device that you have to carry around with you. With an app on your smartphone you’ll be able to receive instant notifications as long as you have internet connection.

If you’re wanting to take advantage of remote viewing, make sure the camera device you are looking to purchase is compatible with the operating system on your smartphone. Modern technology does not always work with older mobile phones, so it’s best to check the product specifications before buying.

Night Vision:

You’ll want your pet camera to have night vision capability if you work nightshifts, if you go out for the evening, if it’s autumn or winter (when light levels are much lower). Look for a camera that has a built-in infrared facility; this enables the camera to let you see your dog even if it’s dark.

Night vision allows you to see your pup without having to leave lights on when you’re away.

The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020 | Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out 19

Two-way audio – Two-way talk:

This tends to be a basic feature of most modern pet cameras and can be a bit of fun. Two-way audio communication not only allows you to hear your pooch, you will also be able to talk to your dog wherever you are. This enables you to reassure, comfort, praise, or even give specific commands if unwanted behaviour needs correcting.

An anxious pet will often be comforted hearing your calming voice even if they can’t see you. Checking in on your dog throughout the day will help to keep it soothed and tranquil in your absence.


This feature allows you to move the camera in any direction so that you can see every part of the room where your pet is. You can pan the camera side-to-side; tilt it up-and-down as well as zoom in-and-out, giving you full view of any part of your dog’s quarters.

Motion Tracking & Alerts:

Pet cameras with PTZ functionality may also feature motion tracking. This means the camera will follow your dog as it moves through one room to another. Setting the device to send you motion alerts when movement is detected in an area you don’t want your pet to go is really useful.

If your dog goes into a room it’s not supposed to (some dogs do learn how to open doors when their owner is away), you will be sent an alert. As they move into the ‘forbidden’ room, you will be alerted on your smartphone and you can take appropriate action using the two-way audio facility.

Motion detection can also alert you to intruders in your home, adding further security to your property.

Bark Detection / Abnormal Noise:

This is an enormously useful feature. You will be alerted on your smart phone when the pet camera detects barking from your dog or indeed any other abnormal noise.

Pets that suffer with separation anxiety will often bark unnecessarily; this may well lead to complaints from your neighbours. A camera with bark detection will send you an alert immediately, you can then use the two-way audio facility to talk to your pooch to calm it.

As previously mentioned, pet cameras with bark/noise detection will also act as a home security device, alerting you to any unusual noise in your home. You will then be able to use the Pan/Tilt/Zoom facility to move the camera around to reassure yourself that all is well at home whilst you are away.

Wi-Fi capability

If you’re planning on receiving alerts on your smartphone to keep an eye on your dog when you’re not at home, you’ll want your dog camera to be able to connect to your home Wi-Fi system.

A pet camera which connects to your home broadband router (internet connection) will deliver live video feed to your smartphone, wherever you happen to be.

There is another type of camera that doesn’t use active internet connections. Similar to a baby monitor, these devices use a dedicated channel which connects two or more units. however, these cameras are of no use if you’re wanting to watch live video footage of your dog when you’re not at home as they cannot connect to a smartphone.

Memory Card saving / recording

You will want your pet camera to include some sort of storage facility if you want to store video footage (to show to the vet if the need arises). Make sure the camera you’re looking to purchase includes an SD Card slot if you want this feature; not all dog cameras have this facility.

High definition video

An important feature in any dog camera is the quality of the its live-streaming capability: The higher the definition, the higher the quality of the image.

The standard video feed of 480i is usually sufficient for a pet monitoring system, however, if you’re looking for superior image quality, you’ll want a video feed of 1080p (this offers a 1920 x 1080 resolution) in your pet monitoring camera system. With that said, if you’re using a smartphone app which is not connected via Wi-Fi, you’ll need to keep an eye on your data usage as high-quality video streaming can use up your data rapidly.

Treat dispensers

Treat dispensing devices that have the ability to launch pet treats, can also have a pet camera integrated. These types of treat cameras allow you to reward good behaviour with tasty treats. Choose a model that can be used in conjunction with your smartphone so that you can ‘throw’ the treats remotely.

CONCLUSION: The Best Dog Camera (UK) in 2020

Hopefully now you have a good idea of the benefits a pet camera will bring to your life and have a much better understanding of the best cameras and features you need.

Don’t forget that these pet cameras can also double as home security cameras, so you’ll be able to stay close to your pets, but you can also keep watch on your property from anywhere in the world.


Q: What is a good dog camera?

A: A good dog camera will offer two-way audio and video communication, along with night vision and SD memory storage. For those looking for the absolute best pet camera, features should include PTZ, Motion and Noise detection and ensure they have a reliable home internet connection.

Q: Can I use a mobile app with my Android phone?

A: Yes. Most dog cameras which are compatible with smartphones that support Android Operating System (OS). Simply download the app from the internet.

Q: Do I need Wi-Fi to be able to watch live stream from the camera?

A: No. With a stable 3G or 4G connection, you can watch your pet remotely using your smartphone app. Remember though, this will eat into your data.

Q: Are dog cameras safe and secure?

A: Dog cameras (as with other types of security cameras) use encryption to prevent unwanted viewers from accessing your video streams. To prevent hackers and others accessing your personal data, follow the normal recommended security rules: Don’t give or show your personal login information to anyone, the same with passwords; unless you want them to have access (probably only family members). Ensure the camera manufacturer provides regular app updates as outdated software is vulnerable to hackers.

Q: Will a pet camera notify me of problems in my house?

A: This will depend on the type of camera you have. If the camera has bark (noise) you will be sent alerts to your smartphone of any unusual noises going on at home. and motion detection, you will be alerted of anything untoward going on at home. Bark detection will also alert you to sounds such doors being forced, whilst the motion detector will also alert you to intruders that move into view of the camera.

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